Thursday, May 16, 2013


So clear shoes are kinda-totally-100 P, awesome. Wait...clear shoes? Like the ones pageant queens pair their spray tans with or the unofficial official shoe of pole "artist├ęs?" No. Well...kinda. I'll admit when I started seeing the Lucite Jeffrey Campbell "soiree" heel on every blogger chick I wanted to vom. They looked so cheapie and better suited for a night, you'd rather forget, on the Vegas strip. Well I'm happy (?) to say I've made a complete 360. Clear shoes, man! Lucite heels and clear straps make your legs look a million miles long and are the perfect anti-flip flop for summer parties. They make a dainty sundress more cool-girl, add a bit of edge to jeans and a tee or just look freakin awesome with your Fourth of July uniform, *cough* flag bikini *cough cough.* Although this trend will most likely die come September...get a pair for the summer and have fun feeling like your five-year old self in jelly shoes. Only cooler.    
above deets here

Would YOU wear em?


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