I'm a dark denim chick at heart. An almost black wash with distressing and perfectly placed knee rips gets me more excited than my birthday and Christmas combined. For real though. This obsession, however, does not fare too well in the sweltering summer heat. Since getting that pair of light blue babies last week, "blue jeans, white shirt," I just might have embraced the other end of the wash spectrum. Light wash denim is perfect for hot days paired with a baggy tank and bright nikes. The solution to maintaining my denim addiction year round! One of my main draws to dark denim is that, without so much as a swipe of mascara, you can seamlessly go from lunch to dinner...BUT I've realized it's totally possible to rock light wash at night! Just trade the nikes for a killer pair of stilettos, add a clutch and some bling and va va voom! You can head straight to dinner and dancing after hitting the farmer's market for kale and cold pressed juice. Although it does feel a little weird looking down at my legs and seeing legitimate "blue" jeans, I will be embracing these all summer long...and hey! Maybe I'll even rock these babies into fall. Crazy! Get ready for lots of light denim in my outfit posts! 
MY favs above
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 
Do YOU love light denim? How do you style it for summer?

Memorial day marked the unofficial start of summer this past weekend. Fireworks, ice pops and watermelon abounded along with a seemingly endless variety of flag bikinis. In my own version of getting into "the patriotic spirit" I whipped out my favorite Blu Life striped racerback dress (previously seen in "westside till I die") from one of my favorite shops ever, Planet Blue on Abbot Kinney. What better way to American-a up my stripes than with the perfect denim button down?! (get it here) The shirt looks cool tied around your waist in the hot sun and doubles as the perfect light layer for post sunset breezes. Since I can't seem to take my favorite hat off...I let it add some cool-girl vibes to this look. Hope you had an amazing long weekend! 

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Blu Life Striped Dress 
Zara denim shirt 
H&M hat
This week I poked into a cute little vintage shop and found an awesome sauce pair of jeans! They're actually high waisted mom jeans but I slung 'em real low on my hips for a baggy-boyfriend fit. In true cool girl style, I paired my baggy denim with a wardrobe staple: a graphic white tee by one of my favorite brands, Brashy Couture. I cut the hem (DIY info ova here) for a slight crop to balance the baggy-ness of the denim and add a dash of Abbot Kinney-vibes with some newly tanned (trust me when I say this is tan for me) skin. The "Nine Lives Club" tee is perfect for laid back fun with a pair of vans OR great for post-sunset shenanigans when worn with a killer pair of black court heels. Of course, I topped the look off with my favorite hatI'll be rocking this look all long (yay!!) weekend long.

"I own too many pairs of jeans!" 
Said no one ever.

Tee matches my tat!

 What are YOU wearing this weekend?!
On an extremely hot day this past weekend I wanted to pair my favorite high waisted denim shorts with a crop top only to realize...I don't own any crop tops. Yeah, I know a normal person would just go purchase one and although I don't usually DIY, I wasn't exactly in a position to go shopping. So I sucked it up and just took a pair of scissors to the tee I already had on. Viola! I now had a cool-girl asymmetrical crop tee perfect for the heat! 
I like that the hem is off a little bit...waaaay more 
cool-girl than a standard straight across crop. 

Here's how you can make one too!
1. Pick! 
Take any tee shirt, I used one of my American Apparel Sheer Jersey Summer Shirts, and lay it on a flat surface. This is the perfect opportunity to use one of those old graphic tees you haven't worn in a minute.
2. Make your mark! 
Mark on the right side-seam with a marker where you will crop from. The closer to the arm pit the shorter of a crop it will be. I marked my tee 5 inches from the armpit to create a bit of a longer tee.
3. Snip Snip! 
Make a small snippet through the seam on the right side (about an inch across) and another directly across on the left side seam about half an inch lower. Make sure you cut completely through the seam on both sides.
4.  Pull! 
Literally. Put your fingers into the snippet you made on the right side and just pull across to the left snippet like you're tearing off the bottom half of the tee...cause that's exactly what you are doing. 
5. Viola!
You've got an asymmetrical, raw hemmed crop top! Throw it in the dryer to soften the hem a little more. Roll the sleeves and throw it over high waisted denim or a bikini for some cool-girl summer action. 

 I also realized normal people don't choose all black 
when it's 85 and sunny, but hey. YOLO

Would YOU crop it yourself or just buy one?
Walked out of my calculus class last night and opened up my instagram to a million gazillion notifications. A few screenshot-ed texts later and I see that @nastygal posted a pic from my most recent personal style post (this one!) featuring the bomb-dot-com Insight "Python Art" Skinnies!! I almost peed myself! I;m honored to be featured on their blog for "Nasty Gal's Do It Better!" 

Check out my feature and get your shop on! 

" Rima Vaidila of Fire On The Head puts her spin on cool girl staples in a graphic white tee with rolled sleeves and perfectly faded floral skinnies by Insight. Add some lace-up sneakers, a slime green board and one super shaggy bob (that we seriously want to copy), and you've got a laid-back look that's ready to ride straight into summer."

Nasty Gal's DO do it better, duh!
So clear shoes are kinda-totally-100 P, awesome. Wait...clear shoes? Like the ones pageant queens pair their spray tans with or the unofficial official shoe of pole "artist├ęs?" No. Well...kinda. I'll admit when I started seeing the Lucite Jeffrey Campbell "soiree" heel on every blogger chick I wanted to vom. They looked so cheapie and better suited for a night, you'd rather forget, on the Vegas strip. Well I'm happy (?) to say I've made a complete 360. Clear shoes, man! Lucite heels and clear straps make your legs look a million miles long and are the perfect anti-flip flop for summer parties. They make a dainty sundress more cool-girl, add a bit of edge to jeans and a tee or just look freakin awesome with your Fourth of July uniform, *cough* flag bikini *cough cough.* Although this trend will most likely die come September...get a pair for the summer and have fun feeling like your five-year old self in jelly shoes. Only cooler.    
above deets here

Would YOU wear em?
A great white tee with simple graphics is a cool-girl closet must have. In the first of a Fire on the Head series featuring super rad Stockholm-born, LA-based brand Brashy Couture: I'm rocking my new fav tee. Crisp white with clean text (environmentally friendly ink!!), the oversized tee is the perfect top for my also new (and equally rad!) floral skinnies by Insight from Nasty Gal. Roll the sleeves a few times, pair with fun denim, grab a board and go be a Brashy Babe. Trust me when I say this...you will be seeing ALOT more of this tee.  
Rima Vaidila wearing 
Brashy Couture "Montauk" Tee 
Insight Skinnies from Nasty Gal (get em here)
Remember when I dedicated an entire post to some of my favorite black structured bags ("completely reasonable??") Well when a photo of perfectly structured satchel purses, albeit pastel hues, showed up on my instagram news feed via @openingceremony I had to check em out on the inter web. So while hunting the OC website for the same pastel ones...I spotted the perforated leather version.Yup, this bag went from "want" to "CLOSET NOW" status before I even clicked on the thumbnail. Oh lord Jesus it's a fire! Small enough to avoid the awkward briefcase-hybrid look but large enough to fit an iPad mini an Fujifilm Instax this bag is the only bag needed for Summer...Fall, Winter and next next Summer. Even the detachable cross body-style shoulder strap, which I have an unexplained hatred for, gets a thumbs up from me. The OC Ace Small Satchel. You're welcome.

I've been on the hunt for a cool-girl panama hat that doesn't look like a flying saucer on my head for a few months now. So when I saw this hat sitting in a stack on a shelf above ten dollar bikinis in H&M I just about started clapping. Shorter brim (no UFO head-effect), black on black, not an ounce of flop and comes in a size that fits perfectly (xs/s). I had found the hat! The shopping gods were on my side...AND only 18 dollars?! Definitely my new favorite and may have become a daily staple...maybe not Levi's jacket status but still. Don't say I didn't warn you when it starts making an appearance in every post. Hats off to you H&M, you give good hat. 
Monday I paired my new hat with an awesome 100% organic cotton tank top 
by Groceries from Planet Blue and of course Rag & Bone denim cutoffs.

 Do you have a favorite hat?? Do you even wear hats?

The white tank top is a wardrobe staple and gets extra playtime when the summer rolls around. Instead of pairing it with your usual cutoffs, skirt, jeans, whatever...here are three ideas for mixing it up. 

1. White Tank + Linen Shorties + Sneakers
The muscle tank gets the sporty spice attention it deserves when paired with these linen Rag & Bone shorts (leather version of these babies here.) Worn with gym barbie nike's this one is perfect for a post soulcycle lunch date or an Observatory hike. 

2. White Tank + Denim Pencil Skirt + Leather Boots
Did you think I was going to write about a white tank top without denim?? A tank with a slight crop fit looks rad paired with a high waisted light wash denim pencil skirt. A pair of classic engineer boots keep the girly-ness in check.  

3. White Tank + White Pants + Strappy Heels
The summer equivalent of my go-to black on black would obviously be white on white. Looks so fresh and so clean. Bonus: makes even the slightest hint of a tan pop like you just got back from a week long Mediterranean escapade (yes, please.) This look even works for a night out when you add a generous amount of dry shampoo and eyeliner.  

All of these look killer paired with a denim jacket, huge cat eye sunnies, a bottle of coconut water and tons of bronzer. (Kidding about the bronzer. Don't do that.) 
My favorite Levi's denim jacket again?? I'm obsessed, okay. Sorry I'm not sorry. This weekend required a look that was a little more than jeans and tee combo for my little brother's graduation ceremony so I opted for a take on one of my favorite looks (seen previously here.) A white Equipment blouse and faux leather mini skirt from ZARA gets a dose of casual cool with my Levi's jacket (also here) thrown on top. Pushed the sleeves up on both the blouse and jacket as per usual. I've also become quite obsessed with my delicate gold sale-section score necklace from Urban Outfitters (five bucks what?!), even though I've been swearing up and down "I'm not a gold girl." Sprayed some dry shampoo at my roots for volume and quickly ran a straightening iron through my hair to get the bedhead look. As far as makeup goes I did the usual routine: a touch of Bobbi Brown foundation stick, lip balm and a few swipes of mascara. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and shout out to my awesome little brother for graduating!    

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Levis jacket
Zara skirt 
Equipment blouse
Heart sunnies, cutoffs and a light-knit tunic. Oh, hello summer weather. Now all that's missing is a golden tan (coming soon) and tropical destination. Wearing my favorite Rag & Bone cutoffs, Anne Taylor Loft (random and amazing!) knit tunic and cheapo metal heart sunnies from Urban Outfitters. Frills? Ain't nobody got time for dat!

What is your favorite warm hot weather look?