Monday, May 13, 2013

Ace'd it

Remember when I dedicated an entire post to some of my favorite black structured bags ("completely reasonable??") Well when a photo of perfectly structured satchel purses, albeit pastel hues, showed up on my instagram news feed via @openingceremony I had to check em out on the inter web. So while hunting the OC website for the same pastel ones...I spotted the perforated leather version.Yup, this bag went from "want" to "CLOSET NOW" status before I even clicked on the thumbnail. Oh lord Jesus it's a fire! Small enough to avoid the awkward briefcase-hybrid look but large enough to fit an iPad mini an Fujifilm Instax this bag is the only bag needed for Summer...Fall, Winter and next next Summer. Even the detachable cross body-style shoulder strap, which I have an unexplained hatred for, gets a thumbs up from me. The OC Ace Small Satchel. You're welcome.


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