Wednesday, October 1, 2014

suede n stripes

Rima Vaidila wearing
Brandy Melville Denim Jacket
Vintage Suede Leather Skirt
Photos by Adria

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

free jewels ayyy

Oh hello, fall. Start off the new season right with 100 bucks to blow spend on pretty rings n thangs at Lumo Jewelry. The requirements? Post this photo on instagram with the hashtag #pickmerama, AND tag/follow @rima_rama & @lumojewelry. Oh and tag two friends on my original instagram post of this.  Winner chosen at midnight Oct 15th, 2014! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

pants on the ground

THIS WEATHER THOUGH. JUST YAAAAS. Ok, I'll stop yelling now. The fact that it actually feels like fall has got me v excited. It means I can wear a sweatshirt around my waist and then actually use it.  Besides the weather, I've been super into these adidas sneakers I picked up. They're the perfect alternative to my never ending ankle boot rotation. Here I paired this pretty lacey top with rolled up grey skinnies and sneakers to de-girlie-afy it. Did it work?? Did I make a little lace top look tomboy cool?

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Keepsake the Label top (available soon!)
Brandy Melville Sweater (similar here & here)
Photos by Adria

Sunday, September 28, 2014

bliss'd out

Current daily essentials? All black errythang & my new drink of choice, Bliss by Neuro. Not really one for color (in anything) but this drink has me feelin some type of way. Seriously. It's yummy AND is formulated to help you relax. So basically the perfect weekday AM, email-crunching drink. Buy a case cuz they're bomb and thank me later.

Rima Vaidila wearing
Vintage Belt (similar here)
Drinking Neuro "Bliss" 
Photos by Adria

Friday, September 26, 2014

shaggy, baby

Does this sweater make me look like a muppet? Probably. Soups into it though. It's like you're literally wearing a cuddle. Paired with a cool pair of croc brogues and played in the street. Lots of goofy faces in this post. Hard to be serious when wearing such a fun sweater err dress(?!) Let the #nopantsparty continue. 
Rima Vaidila wearing
 Cameo Sweater (shop similar here & here)
Photos by Adria Vaidila

not so basic-basics

Ugh. What is this heat again? Not ok. Guess I just have to pretend it's sweater weather while I wish for fall to come around. Kept it simple and paired this super soft long-sleeved tee with equally comfy skinnies and my bad b*tch boots. Nothing like great, not so basic-basics. 
Rima Vaidila wearing 
Photos by Valentina

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

dries plz

Sup fall!!!! Nice to see you again. Although it's not 100 degrees anymore (hallelujah,) sweater/leather weather is still a little far off. In the mean time, sweaters paired with bare legs have become my go-to. Although I'm not big on prints, how could I resist this cool, faded leaf-print sweater?? Although it's not quite long enough to pass as a dress, it satisfies the no-pants party theme I've had going for the past month. Boy clothes for life.

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Dries Van Noten Leaves Print Men's Sweatshirt (shop similar)

Friday, September 19, 2014

uo on you

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Lack of Color Hat (previously here)
Leather Converse
Photos by Valentina