So I finally went through the photos we shot when I was in NYC a few weeks ago. Yup, sheer tights provide absolutely zero warmth but I totally thought they looked cute and yolo'd it. I DIDN'T EVEN GET SICK!!! I paired this cute pin-embellished denim jacket (sherpa lined for warmth bc I'm not that crazy) with a leather button up, waxed denim skirt and my trusty custom leather sk8 hi's. Bc I'm suuuuper cool lol. Although this definitely wasn't my warmest look of the week, I felt like I was pulling over the skater gurl vibe pretty well. Ps I can't skate to save my life.

I think Spring is the best time of the year to hit refresh. The craziness of the holidays are far behind as is the #newyearnewme pressure. A Spring “cleanse” should cover all aspects of your life. Maybe you finally try that hot yoga studio and cut nightly dessert to weekends only (the struggle on this one is real, let me tell you.) Or maybe you clean out your drawers (aka where you throw all your junk mail) and organize your desk. Take the cleanse-mentality to your wardrobe and donate anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months (let’s be honest, you probably won’t ever wear it.) A few weekends ago I headed out to Death Valley with the J Brand & Elsewhere team to shoot Spring looks around the idea of wearing white as a palette cleanser. I already love dressing monochromatically (hellooooo all black) but was surprised by how fresh and cool-girl white on white looked.  Click through to check out more photos from the shoot and links to shop the pieces. 

Although getting here turned out to be a massive delayed nightmare yesterday, WE MADE IT. Hellooooo NY. A little late to the fashion week party but I was able to make it to the last few shows/parties of the season and have a week full of meetings ahead. I brought a cashmere blanket from restoration hardware for the flight and have ended up wearing it as a scarf since we landed shhhhh. Also gonna give away another secret...this oversized green jacket is actually mens. Not sorry bc it's cozy af and I can fit hella layers under it. Will be making an effort to shoot everyday (key word effort) while I'm here so keep your eyes peeled for more updates! ALSO I've been posting tons of stuff on snapchat (username: rimarama) in case you want to follow me through the week ;)

Although I'm not big into Valentines day (shouldn't you show your love everyday??) it's a fun excuse to dress up date night. My closet is 95% black and white so it should come as no surprise that I opted for black leather pants, a striped tee and a black faux fur chubby. Is it weird that stripes, even in b&w, feel almost like a color??? For this look my homie, makeup artist, Crystal Liz gave me a smoky eye with a twist. Red. I know what you're thinking..."won't that look like I have pink eye??" I'm here to debunk that myth. It looks hella cool. Paired with hella volumized hair and a neutral coral-y lip and I'm ready to survive alllll the balloons-roses-love song craziness or we might just say f*ck it and stay home with netflix. Shhhhhh. What are you wearing tonight?

Although I'm not really a dress girl...they're just so goddamn easy when you're feeling lazy (and managed to shave your legs...or not.) I paired this simple shirtdress with my favorite belt of the moment, bare legs, ruffle socks and ankle boots. I've also been wearing my hair in this messy-when was the last time I washed my hair-low bun/pony hybrid and love how it easily dresses down an otherwise chic outfit. Belts have quickly become my new obsession. Hella versatile and an easy way to elevate basics. I tied mine in a knot over this dress to add some cool-but not that cool vibes. What are your thoughts on shirtdresses? How would YOU wear this?