Sometimes a last minute photo road trip to Joshua Tree is necessary. A few weeks ago Adria and I headed out to the desert with LA photographer Daria Ritch. I styled with some of my favorites pieces of the moment. Mixed some color into my usual dark color palette, CRAZY. Love how this set turned out.

Perks & Mini Bomber, Le Specs Sunglasses, TBA Boots

I look at my leather jackets and wool coats hanging everyday and sigh. Ugh. I'm so beyond over this forever-summer weather. Denim shorts in late October? Unfortunately, it's happening and although I'm not happy about it, I'm making it work. Paired this new super soft, striped tee by Mint under an equally comfy, army-esque shirt for pumpkin patch explorin' vibes. Kinda sorta maybe fall attire? Getting desperado for leather jacket weather over here.......... 

Here's a little darker, winter-vibed editorial I styled of my lil babe Adria, photographed by Nicholas Maggio. Although I may be a little biased based on the team, I'm super happy with how this set turned out. Definitely wish I was heading to NYC this winter to rock these looks out and about.

I feel this look is very appropriate as I'm in San Francisco for the next few days. I love the combo of black & blue with my new favorite pattern, plaid. I paired this oversized turtleneck sweater with leather looking denim and this bomb dot com new coat. Excuse me while I wear variations of this outfit for the next two months. 

So I might have worn this sweater everyday this past week. I mean... the weather is finally appropriate. Usually been pairing my sweaters with skinnies but this striped tank dress just became my new favorite base layer. Stripes & knits? Could wear this sh*t every damn day. Made sure to slip   on my bad b*tch boots (lol bc it takes me 10 minutes to strap these suckers) to tone down the j crew vibes. Oh, and don't judge my lazy, dirty-girl hair. It's the weekend, ok?!?!

Oh hello, it's been a minute. Finally had a chance to go through and edit pics from last week and...SURPRISE. Pink. What??! Usually I'll hold my fingers in the sign of a cross and gag at this hue, but when it's in the form of an oversized mens bomber, how could I resist? I threw it over last weeks uniform for a test run. New silky cami? Check. Vintage levis and black ankle boots? Check and check. Rima Rama in pink? Not saying it will happen again soon, but I definitely don't hate it. Check.

Yes. I've committed to dressing like it's sweater weather, even though it still feels like summer. People give me weird looks but it's cool because this super rad knit dress by Somedays Lovin's is the key. A turtleneck sweater dress with a breezy neck cutout so I don't sweat your makeup off while being a stubborn blogger? Genius. Oh and hey! It also works perfect for actual winter weather (brrr 50 degrees in LA lol) with a big infinity scarf layered on top & sheer tights. Seriously California, it's October. Get your weather act together already. Please?

It's honestly like I enjoy torturing myself. Juuuuust got home from a quick little Joshua Tree photo-rendezvous this evening. "Hot as h-e-double hockey sticks" doesn't even come close to describing today. AND I thought it was an amaze balls idea to shoot turtleneck sweaters and my other fall-weathered ideas fantasies. Which I'm v excited to share...but in the mean time, here's yet ANOTHER summer dressing post since it seems like this season is never ending. *tries to cry but no tears come bc too hot*

Woah, it's hot as f*ck again. Actual tears. Ugh. least these amazing pair of re-worked vintage levis arrived at my door yesterday, care of Re/Dun. Vintage Levis that actually FIT? So much yes. Super comfy and actually bearable even in the heat. Sorry skinnies but you might be out for a minute.