Annnnd just like that we're back to 75 & sunny in LA. RIP winter, I guess I'll start shaving my legs again. In case you couldn't tell...I'm still really into this embellished mini skirt I bought at Club Monaco last November. It's seriously turned out to be one of my best purchases of 2015. Since the holidays are over (obvi) I wanted to breathe new lift into wearing sparkly shit IRL. Cut off sweatshirt + vintage satin bomber + ankle booties? Violá! Take any everyday-casual outfit and swap jeans for that embellished skirt you spent way too much money for the holidays. I promise it'll look hella cool girl, do you agree??

So I know the whole overalls trend has come and pretty much gone BUT these are awesome so yolo, AMIRITE? I never go into the trend before because no one made a skinny jean version and I felt like baggy overalls were dumpy pre-school vibes. Violá! Madewell (of course) came up with the cool girl alternative. Dress up your overalls with a low bun and kitten eye (click through for makeup artists tips!!)  Layer a cozy cardigan over a cropped tank and pair with ankle booties and ruffle edged ankle socks to pull the look together. Dare I say this look is even date-night appropriate? Yup. #overallsFTW

File this under: trend that started a few years ago, is still here and isn't going away anytime soon. I sure do love me some stars; be it a cut out leather choker, star studs on my purse or printed onto a romper. I'm about em so I've compiled a list of my favorite on-trend pieces to make your spring astronomically brighter. Pun intended. Click through the slide show (& shop if you so desire) and let me know what you'd rock!

I've recently become extremely uninspired by the carbon copies bloggers seem to have become. I feel like everyone I follow on instagram posts exactly the same. Fucking. Things. So I'm trying something new. One studio shoot per month with a kick ass team. Fully styled looks and an editorial feel. Posting with purpose and steering clear of my former super minimal aesthetic that has since consumed the internet. I mean...I have been doing the whole white wall thing for 4 years now, just sayin. I still love basics, denim, black and white and will for sure stick to those...just elevating my content and giving it my own twist. Quality over quantity. No posting just to post. As someone who calls themselves a creative's time to give my content vision. Annnnnd action. Look one for this month: tackling how to repurpose that skinny neck tie you bought from zara and ended up wearing once for an instagram selfie.  (Shhhh wasn't me.) Violá, use it as a belt to add just a hint of girly flair to an otherwise tomboy look. I love this pullover from Aritzia as it has that super soft fleece on the inside. I will literally wear this for a week straight (doubles as a pj top) not kidding. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the mom jean trend (weird saggy butt and camel toe thanks) these fit like a glove if you buy them a size down.  What do you think of this look and new style of photos? What would YOU like to see me shoot??

As I said before, I'm not one for delicate women's watches and prefer to wear my boos. Here are some guidelines to wearing your boyfriends watch like you DGAF. First, don't resize. It's oversized because it's mens. Run with it. It should hang off your wrist and would look weird if the bracelet was sized for you. Second, wear it on your right or left wrist. You're a boss b wearing your boyfriends watch, you can wear it on whatever f*cking wrist you want. Third, stack that shit. Pile on bracelets, accessorize your wrist accessory. It's already over the top so commit to doin the damn thing. Lastly, know what watch you're wearing. People (especially guys) will ask what kind of watch and there's nothing that'll make you feel like more of a boss and knowing your shit. "Oh this 'ol thing? Just an 18k gold submariner. HBU"

Although from my previous posts you can tell I rarely wear watches. Sometimes you just want to take your boos wrist bling and play. AMIRITE?? In the first of 3 posts where I borrow steal & style my bfs watches, I played with his custom pvd coated Omega speedmaster professional. (Because of course he'd have it custom coated.) Yes, I don't wear a lot of watches but I especially hate girls watches. Why are they so small??? Do I need to be a fairy princess grandma to wear one??? Why are there always f*cking diamonds on them?? I'm all about oversized so obviously if I'm going to wear a'll be mens. Automatic gangster swag when there's hella expensive steel hanging on your wrist. Add a chain bracelet in the same finish? Extra points. Also, can we talk about this silk shirt & pant set???? They seriously feel like a sexy hug, double as sleep wear or you can mix and match them separately.  Also, FYI I took the belt off the pants to make a trendy little neck scarf bc Y NO. Win win.