In honor of yesterday's "fall transition" weather I wore my favorite sweatshirt, little denim shorties, vans and oversized sunnies. After a long week of exams and papers, a lazy topknot and no makeup felt appropriate for my Saturday morning (bout that biz school lyfe.) Still a little too warm for full on fall layering but I could still get away with rocking my favorite Blk Dnm sweatshirt. You know that point between exhaustion and delirium when everything becomes hilarious? face in these pictures pretty much sums that up.

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Blk Dnm classic sweatshirt (previously here)
Zara denim cutoffs (here)
Classic Vans
Urban Outfitters oversized sunnies 
It's Sunday morning. That means today's agenda for most of you involves brunch, hitting the farmers market and a little retail adventure. If you follow me on instagram, (obviously you already do) you'll see that I made a Zara trip on Friday and had some fun taking mirror selfies in the dressing room. Found an amazing black and white striped turtleneck sweater (top left) with 3/4 length sleeves that I just died for. It's baggy and looks perfect with black moto zip skinnies and a pair of ankle booties, which I ALSO happened to find. Leather with a two inch block heel, the booties (bottom right) have a slightly pointed toe. Not only would they rock with a canadian tux, they would be equally cool girl with a pair of semi-sheer black tights and an oversized shirtdress. So if you happen to find yourself in a Zara this are some pieces you should at least try on. Trust me. do need some new pieces for your fall wardrobe. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*
All available here & in stores
By now you're all well aware of my denim addiction and it may have reached a new high with my new favorite brand RES. Found them via Instagram (@resdenim) and it's been true love ever since. Eva sent over the Res S13 lookbook and I immediately died over the corn kids overall in "black dog." They're super comfy waxed denim that are a dead ringer for leather (minus the thousand dollar price tag.) I know I said I would never do overalls but these are just too bad a** NOT to make an exception. Although pairing shortie overalls with a crop top has been done like dinner, I went and reheated those leftovers and threw in some cayenne pepper. (I'm freakin' hilarious, I know.) I love that these can be worn like overalls or unbuckled and slung low like a pair of shorts. I kept it simple and super cool-girl by pairing the overalls with low top converse, messy bedhead and a pair of kitty cat shades. Can't wait to rock these with a fisherman sweater and tights in a few months. More Res Denim collab coming soon.

 Rima Vaidila wearing 
Res Denim Corn Kids Overalls in "Black Dog" (get em here
H&M Crop Tank (similar)
White Low Top Converse (previously worn here)
Yup, I'm a little preppy today for my microeconomics and managerial accounting classes. Deal with it. Remember that super cute denim shirt dress from Haute Miss? Can't believe the original post was in June...JUNE! Well now that it's finally cooling down, it's time to add some layer-age. The denim dress is the perfect base underneath a lighter weight sweater since it's sleeveless (no awko-taco sleeve bunching.) To pull my Harvard Biz School wannabe look together (yes, that's me) I threw on my white classic low top converse and favorite pair of oversized sunnies. Will be posting a "deep-fall" version of this look next week...knee highs, ankle booties and LJ included. Happy Tuesday!

Rima Vaidila wearing
Express Sweater 
Haute Miss Denim Dress (previously here)
White Low Top Converse 
Thierry Lasry Sunnies (previously here and here)

"When the night begins, baby comes alive Hollywood"
Sometimes I dress like I live at the Rosebowl flea market. Deal with it. I've always been a fan of mixing high-low pieces (like any cool chick,) so this past weekend I paired my favorite consignment shop vintage Chanel with a super laid back tank and denim combo. I'm wearing a fifteen dollar top from Brandy Melville, an awesome pair of thrifted mom jeans and topped it off with my trusty panama hat. Yes, I spent waaay too much *wallet cringe* on this bag BUT I've never seen another chick with the same one. A worthy investment in my eyes. 

Rima Vaidila wearing
Brandy Melville Tank
Thrifted Jeans (as seen here)
H&M Hat (previously here)
Vintage Chanel Classic Single Chain 
Like I've said before, autumn is my favorite season. I mean...pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather, scary movies, HALLOWEEN?! How can it not be my favorite? So I may have already decided on my Halloween costume this year. Maybe. Looking at one of my favorite little tank dresses by Asos gave me an idea for cooler weather. Throw it over my American Apparel button up to look all school girl cutesy...did I just say cutesy? So I did. To add to the private-elementary-school look I parted my hair down the middle and secured my bangs with bobby pins. Although by the time Halloween rolls around I'll be pairing this outfit with some semi-sheer black tights and little combat boots (will repost the final look,) here I wore my trusty ankle booties from American Eagle. Excuse me while I go live off candy corn for the next two months. 

Rima Vaidila wearing
American Apparel Oversized Chiffon in "Bone" (psst it's on sale here)
Asos Smock Dress (original dress post here
American Eagle Booties (previously worn here)
Photos by Adria Vaidila
What?! That tee again? Didn't you just post that denim shirt? And are those the same damn shoecult sandals?! Yup, yup and yuuuuuup. I am that girl. The one who finds the perfect outfit and will proceed to wear the sh*t out of it. Well here I am. In my favorite Rag & Bone moto zip skinnies, "Bad News Babes" tee, Gap chambray and Shoecult sandals. JUDGE ME. Although I'm bummed to be missing the epic Shoecult Nasty Gal-gang brunch this Friday, there is one perk to skipping fashion week. I can wear this for the next week straight. In all honesty, I probably will. 

Rima Vaidila wearing
"Bad News Babes" tee (OG post here)
Gap Chambray (seen here)
Rag & Bone moto zip skinnies (worn previously here)
Shoecult by Nastygal Sandals (here)

Congrats @pianofingerz for winning the $150 Nasty Gal giveaway! HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for more giveaways soon. Lervvv you all 
Lazy weekend home hangs call for a comfy Canadian tux, bare feet and figs. Wearing my new favorite denim shirt from Gap. Yes, I just told you I shop at Gap. Paired with my classic destroyed Koral baggies and sans shoes, this look is easy like Sunday morning. Well that is if your Sunday mornings involve a little interior painting, economics reading and not leaving your house...  

Rima Vaidila wearing
Koral Los Angeles Destroyed Baggies (previously worn here)
Oh, hello there September. I'll take this as the perfect opportunity to round up my sweater picks for my favorite season, because, what's better than sweater weather? I mean besides pumpkin spice lattes. 
1. White. Yup, today is labor day and I'm telling you to buy a white sweater for fall. Two reasons. A, as one who appreciates a great hashtag, the #nofilter text is freakin' hilarious. B, it will look just as cool over a mini come spring as it does with moto skinnies and an LJ now. Trust me...the no white after labor day rule only applies to your mom.
2. Asymetrical. There are few things I love more than a loose sweater with an added element of understated cool. This Alexander Wang one is it. Fine knit wool ensures optimal cold weather usage.  
3. Striped. Cool girl essential here. Oversized and only forty bucks. CAN'T LOSE. 
4. Graphic. How I limited my sweater picks to include only one Wildfox sweater is beyond me...but all good, cause this one is bomb. Loving the v-neck cut on their classic baggy beach jumper and when your boyfriend claims he "didn't know what you wanted for Christmas" you can just point to your chest. No mixed messages..."take me to Paris" should get the point across. Key word, should
5. Deep Scoop. A sexy  baggy sweater??!! It's possible, and here's the proof. Light weight and black with a generously cut neckline that shows off maaaaajor clavicle, aka sexiest body part! Worn over a super lacey bra with a few delicate gold chains and you can enjoy pretending you didn't notice the double takes.