Monday, September 2, 2013

sweater weather / cool girl closet staples

Oh, hello there September. I'll take this as the perfect opportunity to round up my sweater picks for my favorite season, because, what's better than sweater weather? I mean besides pumpkin spice lattes. 
1. White. Yup, today is labor day and I'm telling you to buy a white sweater for fall. Two reasons. A, as one who appreciates a great hashtag, the #nofilter text is freakin' hilarious. B, it will look just as cool over a mini come spring as it does with moto skinnies and an LJ now. Trust me...the no white after labor day rule only applies to your mom.
2. Asymetrical. There are few things I love more than a loose sweater with an added element of understated cool. This Alexander Wang one is it. Fine knit wool ensures optimal cold weather usage.  
3. Striped. Cool girl essential here. Oversized and only forty bucks. CAN'T LOSE. 
4. Graphic. How I limited my sweater picks to include only one Wildfox sweater is beyond me...but all good, cause this one is bomb. Loving the v-neck cut on their classic baggy beach jumper and when your boyfriend claims he "didn't know what you wanted for Christmas" you can just point to your chest. No mixed messages..."take me to Paris" should get the point across. Key word, should
5. Deep Scoop. A sexy  baggy sweater??!! It's possible, and here's the proof. Light weight and black with a generously cut neckline that shows off maaaaajor clavicle, aka sexiest body part! Worn over a super lacey bra with a few delicate gold chains and you can enjoy pretending you didn't notice the double takes. 


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