Apparently no amount of wishing for sweater weather is gonna work. It's still hot. Ugh. Well, I guess I'll finally give in and wear a crop top instead of being miserable. I'm seriously sweating at my desk while I type this with a massive fan from target pointed at my face. Only jeans appropriate for this weather? Boyfriends. Heading to hot yoga in a minute because I might as well fully embrace this heat and shower later. Byeeeeee

Just when we thought the summer heat was over...boom. 90 degrees and humid AF. Ugh. I'm seriously out of hot weather ideas and have been wearing the same thing for the past few days. It's almost too hot for denim on denim but I'm doing it anyway. Paired this little Rails chambray top with loose cropped skinnies. I'll admit I'd rather be wearing ankle boots but ain't nobody got time for sweaty feet. I'll stick to birks for the rest of the week and pray it cools down soon. Where's the sweater weather at??!

When it's hot as mother f*cker outside and you find yourself ducking into a starbucks every ten minutes (mostly for the AC) it's time to ditch the jeans and slip into something easy & oversized. Enter the NYTT tee dress. End of summer dressing, solved. Just pair with some comfy sneakers and a little cross body bag and you're good to go. Oversized tee dresses for the win.