Wednesday, September 9, 2015

heat wave

Just when we thought the summer heat was over...boom. 90 degrees and humid AF. Ugh. I'm seriously out of hot weather ideas and have been wearing the same thing for the past few days. It's almost too hot for denim on denim but I'm doing it anyway. Paired this little Rails chambray top with loose cropped skinnies. I'll admit I'd rather be wearing ankle boots but ain't nobody got time for sweaty feet. I'll stick to birks for the rest of the week and pray it cools down soon. Where's the sweater weather at??!

Rima Vaidila wearing
Citizens of Humanity Emerson Boyfriend Jeans
Peggy Li Necklace & Bracelets
Photos by Nicholas Maggio


  1. Dear Rima, this is Effy from YOINS. I have sent an fashion blogger invitation to your Email: Please check. Thank you so much for your valuable time.
    By the way, you look super cool in denim. So much attitude!

  2. The Sweater weather is here in Paris! It got cold and rainy yesterday and I guess it will stay like this for another few days. Let's hope it will get better soon, I don't wanna run through the city while it's pouring down. But I had a cosy Sunday in my flat/the bed!

    Kat | teastories

  3. Love your photography! Great colours!

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