Wednesday, April 30, 2014

currently obsessed: givenchy faux-birks

Yeah I know I've been talking lots of sh*t on the birk-revival. Well, this happened. And before you say anything, no, my transition to the  dark birk side wasn't thanks to Isabel Marant like everyone else has been claiming. Givenchy, b*tch. You know the jesus slide-sandal trend is real when Barneys starts selling O.G Birkenstocks in exclusive prints at 300 a pop. The only way, ONLY WAY, you will see me rocking this trend is if I magically win the lotto and can buy these Givenchy babies. Yeah, they're wanna be birks and kinda make me cringe and cry tears of joy simultaneously BUT look at the color ways!!! Oh, I'm sorry ROSE GOLD?! PYTHON? Sup, GOTH FLORAL?! Excuse me while I think of a great get-rich-quick scheme to buy every 850+  dollar pair. Before you think I've completely lost it, check em out for yourself. Even better (if possible) in person. Trust.

slide, baby

 Oh, and you better answer when I call trying to sell you life insurance...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

white on rice / missguided

I know I'm going to the polar opposite as far as my favorite (gothic) color scheme as of late, but stay with me on this one. This little crepe tee dress from Missguided is kinda the sh*t. Who knew white could be so cool??? You know those summer days when you wake up to thirty "are you almost here??!" texts because you're already twenty minutes late for brunch? Yeah, this is what you throw on for those "rare" occurrences when you literally have 4.5 minutes until your uber arrives. Here I paired the simple shift dress with classic sneakers to tone down any potential girly vibes. (don't want anyone thinking I'm feminine or something now...) What can I say, tomboy for life. Even in a little white dress. 

Rima Vaidila wearing
Missguided "Pansitta" Crepe Shift Dress (buy it here)
New Balance Sneakers (previously here)

Friday, April 25, 2014

leather lover / lovers + friends

If you've been following my blog/instagram/tumblr for any extended period of time you know how much I love leather. Jackets, bags, bralettes and my latest leather obsession: pull on, athletically-inspired shorts. This little pair of vegan leather "soccer shorts" by lovers + friends are my new favorite. Slouchy pockets with cool perforated detailing makes these the perfect alternative to denim cut offs for cooler summer days. 

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Lovers + Friends Vegan Leather Soccer Short (buy here)
Brandy Melville Buttonup (previously here)
Y.E.S "genius" booties (previously worn here)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

or naah / noul

Rima Vaidila wearing
Noul Destroyed BF Jeans (get em here)
H&M Strappy Tank
Noul Triangle Necklace (get it here)
Y.E.S "Genius" ankle booties (previously here)
Photos by Adria

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Stripes to signify the finish line are more than appropriate with finals this coming week. I've recently become weirdly super obsessed with skinny, horizontal stripes. Theres just something so effortlessly cool and chic at the same time when you see a chick wearing stripes. Blame it on my fascination with stereotypical portrayal of a chic french woman in stripes, a blunt chin-length bob and red lip stick. Or maybe it has something to do with the sleep-deprived, delirium I've been walking around in for the past two weeks. Between papers, group projects from hell and final exams next week; stripes have been looking hella great to me. Pair a looser fit striped top with low-slung cutoffs for simple, cali-girl cool vibes. The sweet little drawstring pouch, heeled sandal-bootie hybrid and light weight sunnies don't hurt either.

all shopping info here

Thursday, April 17, 2014

i woke up like this / private party

Last month. Venice Beach. Four bottles of rosé later....... 

Rima Vaidila wearing
Private Party Sweatshirts (all available here)
Laer Leather Shorts (previously seen here)
Luv Aj "Shark Tooth Bib Necklace" necklace (available here)
Wildfox Couture "Le Femme" Sunnies (get em here)
Photos by Aimee Sorek, Edited by me
Huge thank you to Pat & Jessica at Private Party

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

got it from my momma / blank nyc jeans

Ayyyyy slouchy jeans, a simple button up and ankle booties. Yup, just a typical Rima Rama Sunday look. I'm in love with this new pair of "mum" jeans by Blank NYC. High waisted, slightly cropped and comfy as F.  I'll definitely be wearing these well into late summer paired with little lacey tanks. Is it weird that I'm kinda really looking forward to hot August evenings??

Rima Vaidila wearing
Blank NYC Jeans "mum" jeans (shop here)
Brandy Melville Button up 
Dolce Vita ankle booties (as worn here)
Photos by Adria