Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving full of family time and lots of overeating. If you ventured out to brave the black Friday crazies, I hope you GOT THAT  hardcore blender/TV/hello kitty toaster oven you wanted. The day after thanksgiving called for a super cozy boy look. I paired my favorite oversized striped sweater from Brandy Melville with destroyed light wash skinnies by Res Denim. Wore a fancy schmancy cashmere beanie and my beat up studded white converse. The only way this outfit could have been comfier would have been to lounge around in bed and on tumblr all day....cause that's totally NOT what I did...

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Brandy Melville Sweater (previously here)
Res Denim Kitty Skinny in "Love Moves" (previously worn here)
Studded Converse (previously here)
Cashmere Beanie
Get the look here
Oh hello again to the semi annual sale at Reformation. SO MUCH GREAT STUFF, like this cropped olive leather jacket and this killer off the shoulder mini dress. Here are a few more of my favorites but I'll take one of everything, thanks.

Shop the Reformation semi-annual sale here
The Christmas candy has been on display in drugstores across America for the past month, so what better to go with your red and green m&m's than a killer holiday edit?! (If you answered "nothing," you get a gold star.) I did all the exhausting world wide web searching for you and, painfully, whittled it down to sixteen must haves/must gives. I give you the ultimate gift guide for all the super cool and deserving babes in your life. Also, my mailing address is available upon request in case...you know...wanna thank me/spread the holiday cheer or something. Kidding. (That's a lie.)

The Goods...
I've been wearing black like the, not so undercover, goth girl that I am. It felt almost weird to be in a canadian tux again this weekend, a sign that it needs to become a regular ootd again. I paired a newer chambray from forever 21 with my favorite pair of dark rinse Koral skinnies. Added an oversized TNA wool sweater from Aritzia for semi-bulky warmth. Finished off with my boot pick of the season (these babies from solestruck) and a DIY bang trim. Sup winter, I'm ready for yewwwww. 

Rima Vaidila wearing
Forever 21 Chambray (previously worn here)
Koral Los Angeles Skinnies (previously here)
TNA Wool Sweater via Aritzia (similar here)
YES Genius Booties via Solestruck (previously worn here)
It's weird how relevant this shirt is. I'm seriously considering getting this slogan tattooed. Feather Hearts graphic tees are on point (see "bad news babes") but this one is next level. "In memory of when I cared" is the perfect way to let em know how you really feel. Although this tee will probably be reserved for bed time until scorching summer weather is back, I'm beyond stoked to have a great addition to my sassy tee arsenal. 

Feather Hearts "In Memory of When I Cared" Tee (get it here)

Rima Vaidila wearing
Forever 21 Flannel (previously worn here)
LF Suede Leather Skirt (previously here)
Ankle Booties (previously here)
I'm a black on black on black girl through and through but there is always an exception. In my case, an amazeballs pair of WHITE cat eye sunnies from Nasty Gal. Yup, you read correctly...I said WHITE. When Nasty Gal ran a killer "sale on sale" a few weeks ago I couldn't help myself. I mean who can resist a rad pair of sunnies for seven bucks?! Not me, totes obvi. A little white on white, every meow and again, never hurt anybody.

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Nasty Gal white cat eye sunnies (similar here)
American Apparel Oversized Chiffon (previously worn here)
My name is Rima Vaidila and I have an addiction to luggage. Blame my globe trotting, jet setting, silk sleep eye mask, multiple home fantasy life if you will. Over sized bags are basically my thing. So it came as a surprise when I instantly fell in love with this Saint Laurent baby duffle...as in BABY size. Who am I?!? It's itty bitty and, although I normally despise studs, is covered in the coolest silver-toned metal hardware. The bag comes with a long detachable strap which is perfecto for keeping your hands free. Sounds amazeballs right?! Now the bad news. It ain't cheap. And by ain't cheap I mean it costs two g's *le sigh* I guess I'll be seeing this bag in my dreams until I'm living my "two g's ain't nothin" fantasy life.
Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle (get it here)
If you've been following my blog for any extended amount of time I'm sure you're familiar with my Reformation obsession. So when I was in NY this past weekend I totes-obvi-duh had to pop into the soho ref store. Uggggggh SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. I was finally able to try on a handful of the dresses that have been sitting in my virtual shopping cart for months now. Anyone with a slight online virtual window shopping addiction can agree that more often than not, pieces look super fab online (thanks to model babes, styling, photography, perfect lighting, etc.) and then lack the same magic in person. Let me just say this. Ref pieces look just as amazeballs, if not more amazeballs, in person as on their instagram. Amongst my fitting room stack was this backless blue velvet dress. Velvet? Blue?? Dress??? Yes. For some reason I love that it's reminiscent of a figure skater's competition garb, blame my twelve years of intense ballet training if you will. The "charm dress" lives up to its name and is perfect for a night out (hello, new year's eve!!) or for the day under a baggy sweatshirt. Although it's not available online in the blue, grab it in black or maroon to be a total #refbabe and solve your holiday dress dilemma all at once.

Rima Vaidila wearing
The Reformation "Charm Dress" in Blue (available in black here)
I spent the past five days in my favorite city for meetings and adventures galore. My refusal to wear pants, instead opting for tights/skirt/boots combo, proved for a chilly long weekend. Even my iPhone committed suicide, while fully charged, from the cold. Ugh, technology. Only got lost once (nighttime... Chinatown...heeled booties..don't ask,) didn't get sick, shopping shopping shopping, made it to all of my meetings and the only physical damage I left with involves severely windburned lips. All in all, a very successful trip. I always forget how much I love New York. Now excuse me while I plan my next trip back A$AP.

more NY pics to come