Thursday, November 14, 2013

studded baby / saint laurent

My name is Rima Vaidila and I have an addiction to luggage. Blame my globe trotting, jet setting, silk sleep eye mask, multiple home fantasy life if you will. Over sized bags are basically my thing. So it came as a surprise when I instantly fell in love with this Saint Laurent baby in BABY size. Who am I?!? It's itty bitty and, although I normally despise studs, is covered in the coolest silver-toned metal hardware. The bag comes with a long detachable strap which is perfecto for keeping your hands free. Sounds amazeballs right?! Now the bad news. It ain't cheap. And by ain't cheap I mean it costs two g's *le sigh* I guess I'll be seeing this bag in my dreams until I'm living my "two g's ain't nothin" fantasy life.
Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle (get it here)


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