Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i heart ny / photo diary part one

I spent the past five days in my favorite city for meetings and adventures galore. My refusal to wear pants, instead opting for tights/skirt/boots combo, proved for a chilly long weekend. Even my iPhone committed suicide, while fully charged, from the cold. Ugh, technology. Only got lost once (nighttime... Chinatown...heeled booties..don't ask,) didn't get sick, shopping shopping shopping, made it to all of my meetings and the only physical damage I left with involves severely windburned lips. All in all, a very successful trip. I always forget how much I love New York. Now excuse me while I plan my next trip back A$AP.

more NY pics to come


  1. Love this photo diary. You're such a babe

    The Koalafornian x

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