A rainy weekend forecast means two things in LA. First, rain somehow disintegrates Angelino's (already questionable) auto-handling capabilities. Second, UGGS and ratchet velvet juicy couture track suits somehow become socially acceptable. *vomit* Why does the absence of sun, brainwash people into thinking the "homeless chic" look works?? NO. N-O. 

The solution you ask?! Lounge around in clothing that's cozy AND Starbucks/Whole Foods/Farmer's Market appropriate. That way you can unroll yourself from your human duvet burrito and head out the door with zero changing needed. Warm, weather-proof and stylish. You're welcome. 
I don't care if you're only going two steps to grab the mail, if you intentionally leave your house wearing those god-awful fur lined boots I swear...
The turkey and pie gorge-fest has commenced which means BAM Christmas is gonna hit you in the face fast. Have you started checking people off your gift list?? No? Well you better start! It's warm in LA (surprise, surprise) so what better way to hit the shops than in this comfy AW t-shirt dress? (also looks cute over tights in the event it's below 75.) Keep it simple with these black engineer boots that toughen up the dress and keep your feet supported schlepping around stores all day. *Added Bonus: you can run to the racks faster than those chicks in heels, muahahhaha*

Give your everyday purse a break (and avoid breaking a strap) and grab this sturdy leather shopping tote to stash smaller finds. Top with a cute floral baseball cap for a little fun, boy-ish flare and round out the look with a classic string of pearls. A spritz of Le Labo's Santal 26 interior spray** running out the door and you're ready to shop to. the. death. (seriously...did you see the crazy black Friday shenanigans?! deadly.)  

it's the freakin' weekend

**Le Labo Santal 26**
Yes it's actually a spray for your house. Yes I use it like perfume. Yes you should too. 
TGIF! And let holiday-party season....begin! Hit "mega-babe" status STAT with a swipe of lipstick. 

Get gothy with this deep, vampy plum which adds a hint of dramatic mystery when paired with simple foundation and mascara. Look flirty and fun in a bright matte hot fuschia which looks daring when paired with bold brows. And of course the classic, blue-based red  gives you instant festive swag (while also making teeth look whiter).     

Inspiration courtesy of Mink Pink
Plan on passing through an airport a few times in the next month? First let me say, I'm sorry. Secondly, let me tell you what to wear so that at the very least you'll be (worse case scenario) delayed in style. 
Base of this look is the Canadian tuxedo, of course. Start with your favorite dark wash skinnies and worn-in denim button down. Throw a cute oversized sweatshirt over to stay warm and cozy in the cold a/c. Wear flats to breeze through the security checkpoints STAT. Early morning flight you just barely made? Wrap hair in a low bun and top with a cute hat to hide bedhead. Ran out the door sans-makeup? Spritz some refreshing mineral water and slide on a pair of dark sunnies because honestly, they're lucky your eyes are even open at this hour. Still cold? Bring a simple, asymmetrical-button wool coat that looks good left unbuttoned over your outfit. Tie it all together with a carry-on duffle filled with in flight necessities (tabloids, gum, eye mask, pills, makeup, ipad.) 

Cute, comfy and ready for post-flight shenanigans. Hopefully your travels are as painless as your outfit. 

Behind the scenes look from my shoot this past weekend with the super rad photographer emman montalvan. Official pics coming soon.
all shot on a disposable camera 

If you haven't caught on to my Rag & Bone obsession yet (um, where have you been?!) this should confirm it. Yup their denim fits like a glove, they have great tee's and jackets BUT WAIT...amazeballs bags too?! *swoon, faint, dead* Thank god I'm too young for a credit card because I would be in all kinds of trouble. 
On a permanent hunt for the perfect carry-all kinda bag enter this super cute and functional satchel. Just yes.   
I know it's just getting cold but the navy color and pretty vintage-y floral is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Leather, a detachable strap and lots of room for your junk it is the perfect everyday bag. Oh and in case you're not a big floral print fan (cough, cough) it comes in three equally beautiful color combos. you're welcome. 

Rock a mini in the chilly whether? You bet...just pair with over-the knee socks and layers on top, duh! Start on bottom with a cute mini (any fabric, try leather or velvet for a bit of edge) pull on thigh high socks and pair with flats or sneakers for a more tomboy-chic look. On top start with a tank that hits below the hip, add a button up blouse in a cool color and finish off with your favorite chunky knit sweater to pull it all together. Add a center part and a pea coat to really look the part. Instant (classy) collegiate babe status. 

Shopping info for the look on the right.
Chilly day in LA calls for slouchy ankle boots, a leather jacket, "cool cat" american apparel graphic tee and moto zip black rag & bone skinny jeans. Yup I let my inner goth chick come out to play.

What did YOU wear today?
Easy and affordable mall finds perfect for the fast approaching holiday season.

I usually always find great stuff whether it's a simple top or a cool skirt with intricate detail. If you're in a bind for a cute holiday/house warming/whatever party this should be your first stop. Here's the standouts....

Zipper and gold accents lend this basic wool coat a luxe "I got this at Barney's" look. Great cold weather jacket and comfy for holiday traveling. 
Pretty sheer button up blouse with gorgeous crystal collar detailing. Holiday essential. Naughty with a black lace bra underneath or nice over a cream camisole.

Cute silky basic blouse with pretty dainty gold buttons. Comes in six different colors. Great versatile wardrobe staple that's party-ready with a leather skirt and heels or airport-bound with jeans and boots. 
Adorable and affordable (best of both worlds!) leather skirt with edgy gold chain detailing. At only 90 dollars and 100% lambskin this piece may be my favorite find.  

Yeah, yeah I know...Anthro has a slight "granny" vibe but hear me out. They actually have some great stuff in stores right now. Their clutch game is on point and worth checking out. 

Super unique and pretty detailed clutch. It's handmade in India and the perfect addition to a dark winter wardrobe. Looks like you spent triple the 118 dollar price tag. Anthro has a HUGE selection of gorgeous clutches on the website that are simply amazing for the holiday's. 

Urban Outfitters
I love Urban and always find great stuff so I had to narrow down my top picks to these awesome tights and the perfect (super cheap!) heels.

Because what could possibly make you feel more festive than a pair of pretty sparkly tights (besides a peppermint martini)? Not a whole lot. Super cute and semi-sheer (which looks much prettier than opaque), wear em under a basic dress for an instant holiday feel. Also perfect for a chilly New Year's Eve. 

The only party heel you'll need. Super cute and currently on sale for only 39 dollars. Grab it in glittery gold or red for parties and black for year round usage. 

No mall trip is complete without a stop at makeup heaven and they've got all KINDS of great stuff to get make anyone look a little more festive. 

Semi matte lipstick in the perfect vampy dark red. Naughtier than a classic red but still just as festive. Couple swipes and you're set for an evening of chatting, sipping and munching on treats (didn't you know holiday calories don't count, duh).

****gift spoiler alert****
I love philosophy brand because they have the yummiest scents hands down, but OMG this is on a whole different level. Smells like Christmas, fireplaces, holiday cooking and love drenched in a rich sweet butter. I'm completely hooked and best thing? The set is only twenty dollars. 

Send me YOUR fav holiday mall finds
A prime example of just why I love Kitson. No matter how kitschy and overly hyped the store is, I always find random things I want need. Latest wardrobe addition is this over sized graphic tee. It reads "No 9. Cool Cats Club. Nine Lives", I died and went to cat-lady heaven. The brand's name couldn't get any better...wait for it..."cool cats club." It's a "one size fits all cats" cotton tee shirt that also features cute claw mark graphics on the back shoulder. It's not available on the website yet so you'll have to physically go get it (hard life, I know.) It's my new favorite graphic tee and looks great thrown over leggings with riding boots, vintage sunnies, a leather jacket and (as you can see) Starbucks venti iced coffee in hand.

Go get it and join the club. Meeeow.
Photography: Nicholas Maggio 
Belts are one of the most underused accessories. Often an after thought and even then, purely for function. Like your shoes or purse, they serve a vital purpose but who chooses their shoes based on comfort or purse strictly on content potential. Necessities(shoes, bags, belts) taken and crafted in such a way that they become accessories...this is the fundamental idea behind the billion dollar women's accessories business. Belts have the potential to make basics pop and make any outfit look new and fresh.

Although I am not a fan of yellow gold, I have found an exception in the form of a belt. This super cute leather belt features gold hand-cast lettering in an original and quirky slogan. It has the classic look of the original Moschino logo belt but with a fresh, cool-girl twist. Look casual cool in high waist skinnies and an old band tee tucked into the belt or cinch your waist in any party dress for a new, luxe look. And when someone asks where you found that "faaaaabulous" belt you can smirk coyly and say with satisfaction "oh this? It's vintage" because there is zero chance of you revealing your source.