Friday, November 2, 2012

bon appetit

Belts are one of the most underused accessories. Often an after thought and even then, purely for function. Like your shoes or purse, they serve a vital purpose but who chooses their shoes based on comfort or purse strictly on content potential. Necessities(shoes, bags, belts) taken and crafted in such a way that they become accessories...this is the fundamental idea behind the billion dollar women's accessories business. Belts have the potential to make basics pop and make any outfit look new and fresh.

Although I am not a fan of yellow gold, I have found an exception in the form of a belt. This super cute leather belt features gold hand-cast lettering in an original and quirky slogan. It has the classic look of the original Moschino logo belt but with a fresh, cool-girl twist. Look casual cool in high waist skinnies and an old band tee tucked into the belt or cinch your waist in any party dress for a new, luxe look. And when someone asks where you found that "faaaaabulous" belt you can smirk coyly and say with satisfaction "oh this? It's vintage" because there is zero chance of you revealing your source.