You thought I was kidding? Nope. This awesome brass (hey, it looks like gold, ok?!) gun chain necklace by Monserat De Lucca is goin off! With jeans and a white tee this neck piece will pop...errr bang. Just promise me you'll keep it classy and not pair it with gold hoops and a grill, or actually please do and send me the pictures. Get it here (for less than $75 bucks!) and go be a fashion killa. Ok I'm done with the ASAP references for now, you're welcome. 

The weekends are a chance to relax and take it easy...for most people. If you have a million and one things to get done between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, your outfit had better be up for the challenge. Another of my weekend go-to's, (and a twist on my fav jeans and a tee look), is my Levi's denim trucker jacket, black Brandy Melville racer back tank and black denim cutoffs. Paired with my favorite pair of American Eagle Outfitter ankle booties, which I fell in love with while shooting their back to school campaign almost two years ago (seriously, two years?!) The little heel on the ankle booties not only give me an extra few inches (oh hello, 5'11), but are also comfy enough to wear all day. I like the contrast of not being completely bare on top, thanks to the denim jacket, with showing a whole lotta leg in itty bitty cutoffs. Topped with a lil baby pony tail to keep it simple (btw, hair is shorter!) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Flower crowns/wreaths/headbands/whatever have been done and overdone like last week's dinner. I swore I was going to kill if I saw anymore...then this wonderful gift to mankind happened. Paris Vogue: you did the damn thing. And it's actually spectacular. They took the hippie, Coachella staple, shot it super simply in-studio and made it look all kinds of bad ass in the March 2013 issue. Paired with a fresh face and THE MOST amazing hair (new inspo!!!), I can safely say...I'm Rima Vaidila and I approve this image. You're welcome.
Suvi Koponen by Mert & Marcus
March 2013 Paris Vogue

The Canadian tuxedo. Classic and chic but never stuffy. Paired best with major cool-girl swag. American Apparel gets major brand-love for their awesome assortment of denim. Shirts, shorts, skirts, skorts...whateva you want in that good ole jean material, they got it (and in a variety of washes to boot!) Tried on a bunch of stuff but this is probably my favorite combo. The Unisex "Denim Shirt" in light wash indigo paired with the Denim Circle skirt in medium-stone washed indigo. I turned the skirt so that the zipper and button were on the front instead of the side because why the heck not...YOLO.

I've been in the market for a new everyday bag for a hot minute. It's weird because I find myself lusting over seemingly "working-girl" bags. I don't want neon, loud accents, studs or any of that other trendy-crap chicks are all about these days (studs, I mean people are STILL doing it, why whyyyy?!) When did I become so...practical? Am I *gasp* growing up? Is it because I'm inching ever so quickly to the big 2-0? (Is it seriously only two months away?!?!) Regardless of my motives one thing is for sure. I'm going for simple, structure and man do I have some amazeballs options.

Like, HELLO, welcome to my bag heaven!

Shopping info for the bags pictured here

I'm just going to come to terms with the fact that I'm never going to feel myself partaking in weird trends. The loud, in-your-face handbags will be just have to be rocked by the rest of the world (they can keep their drop crotches, crop tops and cutouts too.) Hey, at least when I drop a couple g's on a bag it will still be relevant the next year (and the next and the next.)

What's your favorite bag?
Watched a brilliant, diary-style documentary, "Picture Me", that gives the real story from a model's perspective. I can't recommend it enough to current and aspiring models, as well as anyone enchanted by the "glamorous" model life.  
watch it here

 "A raw and personal video diary, charts model Sara Ziff's rise from fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. Ziff and filmmaker, Ole Schell, co-direct the documentary, lifting the veil on the glamorous world of high fashion modeling, from photo shoots with celebrated photographers to runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris." 

Ran around with my cutie sister, a disposable camera and that sunset light. Got the prints back. This might be one of my favorite photos, ever. You can't even tell she was mad about being blinded. Lots more on my photo blog. Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

Adria by Rima Vaidila
Dress by Pins & Needles at Urban Outfitters
Oh heeeey MORE stripes. Cause my when I get on a kick it usually turns into a full blown obsession. Love this cool, high-neck racer back tank dress at Planet Blue.It's simple, striped and seventy five bucks (how bout that alliteration!) Really digging these kinds of little, looser-fitting mini dresses for the fast approaching warm weather. Paired with some slouchy boots and a couple long, layered necklaces and you're good to go from brunch to post sunset wanderings.
get it here!
What's your favorite little mini dress?
In case you didn't know, it's the 14th of February guys. I'm just gonna go with the day's theme on this one, ok? I give you the "Anti-You" tee. Oh, you were expecting a "perfect date night outfit??" Sorry I'm not sorry. This tee goes perfect a healthy serving of grumpy cat memes. You used to be able to purchase said magnificent tee here but they're sold out because they love hate you. It's OK though, I still love you. 

Zara, man! Always been a go-to of mine great for basics and affordable, on-tread pieces. They're killin it in stores right now. I want e v e r y t h i n g. Lots of black and white, simple stuff with a twist of an athletic vibe (aka right up my alley.) The standout, gotta-have-it? This super awesome 3/4 sleeve tee shirt dress with gold stars.  It's like the classy version of an oversized sweatshirt. Has perfectly placed little pockets and is 100% cotton (for size purposes I don't recommend the dryer.) It's 60 bucks and works for day with some oversized sunnies, a top knot and vans or a night out with a fierce red lip and simple black heels (which, cough cough, Zara also happens to have the perfect pair HERE.) 

Zara, you totally get a gold star on this one...that and my money.  

Whoever thought combining the 2 L's (leather & legging) was a brilliant idea should burn in the depths of fashion hell for eternity. They look tacky and I hate them. Leather is already a super sexy fabric so why take it to hooker status by making it super skin tight and cover 3/4 of your body? Also for the sake of durability...since when was it a good idea to take a fabric that stretches as it wears and make it a super tight, SEAMED pant? Yeah, doesn't sound like a good equation to me. 

So what's a chick to do when she wants leather on her legs that isn't going to induce multiple bathroom runs? Trousers, baby! How amazeballs are these? I've been obsessed for a solid 5 months and am gonna go ahead and deam them a MUST HAVE. They look as awesome with a sweatshirt and kicks as they do with a blazer and heels. So they do come with a 4 digit price tag (quality, people!) but come on....leather pants you can wear day or night AND can bend over without fear of ripping the butt seam? Oh, and instant hella cool-girl vibe? Solid investment. 

I can't be the only one who has to pronounce "trousers" with an English accent everytime. 

Pssst...Urban Outfitters has a pretty legit pleather version of these for sixty bucks. You're welcome.
For those of you that weren't aware, I'm Lithuanian. I look like it, speak it, read and write (OK, my writing is elementary level at best.) So as someone tremendously proud of my heritage, you could imagine my excitement in finding this linen sweater, handmade where??! Lithuania! It's light weight, slightly oversized and has a cool pattern. Oh and the it's the perfect classic "linen" color which blends seamlessly into a closet full of denim, neutral basics and leather. I'm totally obsessed and may or may not have just worn it everyday last week (shhhh.) 

I like to keep it simple. My closet is full of basics in neutral colors with dashes of leather and denim. Lately I've had quite the obsession with stripes. The perfect new staple in my closet? This American Apparel Striped Racerback Tank, is basically the best basic ever. The poly-blend is super comfy but more structured than the brand's "tri-blend" which makes it perfect for my fellow bra-less embracers. The stripes add a dash of Parisian cool and look great worn with some light wash vintage mom jeans and a pair of heeled ballet flats. At 32 bucks you might as well buy it in every stripe color combo. Basically, you're welcome.   

wear like this...

What's your go-to basic?

I've gotten a few emails recently asking for details about my skincare routine so...Here ya go! I'm no skincare expert but have definetley picked up some product favs and tips in between working with different makeup artists and experimenting on my own.  

Cleanser: I have slightly sensitive skin so I like to use a simple cleanser twice a day. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a great sensitive skin cleanser with sage, chamomile and carrot. 

Toner: If my skin is acting up a bit or for a quick post-run cleanup I use Kiehl's Rosewater Facial Refresher Toner, it smells amazing and absorbs any trace of oil. I usually soak a cotton ball and swipe it across my forehead, nose and chin. I don't recommend this, however, for dry skin types.

Facial Mist: So I can't confirm that this has any "official" moisturizing properties but it's an amazing  pick me up mid day. Evian Mineral Water Spray is great for travel, your gym bag and purse for a nice mist of the French Alps anytime. 

Moisturizer: I went through an "I hate moisturizer" stage for a minute, refusing to put anything on my freshly cleansed face at night. That was until my face became so dry and started peeling (ew, I know). I walked into Sephora  begging for help and was introduced to Clinique Moisture Surge , aka unicorn tears, because seriously this stuff works magic on dry skin. I now use either this or Immortelle Precious Night Cream depending on the dryness of my skin, every night before bed. 

Lip Care: Who isn't obsessed with baby soft lips? My favorite lip balm, hands down, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. It goes on smooth and keeps lips hydrated forever. It's also SPF 15 which is great for avoiding sun damage and also comes in different color tints!

What's your go-to skincare product??