Monday, February 11, 2013

real fast / leather trousers

Whoever thought combining the 2 L's (leather & legging) was a brilliant idea should burn in the depths of fashion hell for eternity. They look tacky and I hate them. Leather is already a super sexy fabric so why take it to hooker status by making it super skin tight and cover 3/4 of your body? Also for the sake of durability...since when was it a good idea to take a fabric that stretches as it wears and make it a super tight, SEAMED pant? Yeah, doesn't sound like a good equation to me. 

So what's a chick to do when she wants leather on her legs that isn't going to induce multiple bathroom runs? Trousers, baby! How amazeballs are these? I've been obsessed for a solid 5 months and am gonna go ahead and deam them a MUST HAVE. They look as awesome with a sweatshirt and kicks as they do with a blazer and heels. So they do come with a 4 digit price tag (quality, people!) but come on....leather pants you can wear day or night AND can bend over without fear of ripping the butt seam? Oh, and instant hella cool-girl vibe? Solid investment. 

I can't be the only one who has to pronounce "trousers" with an English accent everytime. 

Pssst...Urban Outfitters has a pretty legit pleather version of these for sixty bucks. You're welcome.


  1. nice post! i like leather trousers! :*

  2. I didn't want to break the bank but i also found these faux leather ones for an awesome price! In. love. with leather trousers.. and your blog! P.s. I'm lugan too!