Every single pair of lust-worthy boots you've seen in your entire life died in the making of these shoes. The Saint Laurent Signature Army Lace Up Boot in Black Leather.

Simple, black, yes. My favorite out fit of the week was a double dose of black. My favorite color gives edge, an air of mystery and just looks killer when worn head to toe. The combo looks almost like a dress but is actually  this racer back tank top from ASOS and my new wardrobe staple...this one of a kind suede leather skirt bought at LF! Black on black is the perfect excuse for a slight 'tude and a fresh, edgy haircut. No accessories, no jewelry and no makeup for maximum edge impact.

How do you rock black?!

A cali babe that models full time, takes online classes, drives a smart car, has a pet snake AND makes amazing custom enameled jewelry? Major girl crushing on Krystall Schott with Photogenics. Oh and did I mention she's only 17? Last week I tagged along on her trip to Kit Kraft art supply store in the valley for some adventuring and pictures. Models are more than just a pretty picture so here's the pics AND interview! As always full pictures on my photo blog
Krystall photographed by Rima Vaidila
Wearing Cry Baby Presents top

Krystall brought an awesome assortment of clothes for our adventure like a pair of vintage blue Italian oxfords and a handmade maroon skirt with real gold accents handmade in India...
R: Describe your personal style
K: I don't take style too seriously. I always dress a little bit off the wall and have fun with it. Right now I really like pieces from other cultures.
Can you tell it was 120 degrees?
Krystall Schott and Rima Vaidila 
 Zibriske Point shot by Alessandro D'Angelo produced by Milk Studios

I met Krystall while shooting an intense day-long editorial in death valley almost two years ago. 5 am call time, five hour drive out to the desert, middle of summer, 120 degrees and makeup meltdowns. But hey, we definetley got the shot! 
R: Remember that desert shoot?
K: Yeah...that was a really interesting day. (Laughing) It was way too hot and miserable but I'm glad we were working with awesome people. That made it pretty fun!

Krystall Schott photographed by Rima Vaidila

Modeling gives girls such a unique life experience and exposure to so many different people, places and cultures so I always love hearing about future plans. Gotta love a girl with beauty and brains.
R: Plans after modeling?
K: I'm still working on my plans but at the moment I know I'm going to get some kind of degree. I'm just not sure whether it will be math/science or art or business..or perhaps all of them?! Maybe I'll be some kind of artistic engineer?
Krystall & Fred the snake on her agencies instagram @photogenicsla

R: Tell me about your pet snake!
K: Ah yes, Fred. Well Fred is a Kenyan Sand Boa and she is Female. A lot people say they are afraid of snakes but then I show them her and they think she is cute, so I think it's safe to say she's pretty cute (small and fat, 16 inches long). I like to take her with me places, she has her own little travel box. She is very very docile and friendly.

Krystall photographed by Rima Vaidila
Check out (buy buy buy) Krystall's jewlery here! 
R: Car jams?
K: I listen to everything. I'm really into old rock and roll (The Doors, Cream, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, etc. and Jack White which is not old but lets count him too) but I have CD's with just about every genre.  

R: Got a motto? Words to live by?
K: Do everything you love, be yourself and you will be unique. That along with treating people right is really all that matters in life. Oh and if you ever get bored do something random(dancing is good).
I love LA...Downtown is rad, West Hollywood is fun, Mid-City has good shopping but there's just something about the west side that makes me feel at home. Maybe it's the chill, laid-back vibe or the fact that the beach is walking distance...but that's what everyone says. Who am I kidding...I love the west side because I could unapologetic-ally rock that crochet halter my grandmother made me when I was six (pictures when I get the guts to do it.) This past week I spent a lot of time on the west side, especially on Abbot Kinney. Mainly chasing down my latest obsession, JuiceBoxWhat?! A food  juice truck that's made-to-order by extremely good-looking "juice boys"? FOR. THE. WIN. Psst..."BeetBox" with Cayenne. You're welcome. 
What west side trip is complete without a stop at Planet Blue on Main Street? Went in with a mission and finally got the amazeballs striped  tank dress I've been lusting over since I wrote about it last month in "striped out". It is everything I imagined. Soft, stretchy and basically the perfect day dress. Now if only they made it in seven other colors my spring/summer wardrobe, err uniform, would be complete. 

Rima Vaidila on Abbot Kinney wearing 
Cast of Vices handcuff bracelet
Theiry Lasry sunnies 
vintage leather envelope clutch
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 This is the end of having virtual shopping carts on twenty different eCommerce sites (I know I'm not the only one!!!) It is a social media site so you can do the whole followers-war thing, or join because it's the best thing to happen to virtual, window-shopping crack heads enthusiasts. And did I mention the simple layout makes your want-list perfectly printable? So yeah, you should get on it and...you're welcome. I swear Svpply didn't pay me to write this.
Screenshot of my page...

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So I have a cat obsession...who doesn't? I swear I'm an adult but I just can't help myself when it comes to Hello Kitty. Is it weird that everything pictured was in my purse at the same time? #whatismylife

The goods. Links included
Hello Kitty lip balm, rhinestone cat ear headband from Urban Outfitters, box of Hello Kitty Band-Aids, Hanae Mori "butterfly" roller ball perfume (the ONLY female perfume I touch), Batiste dry shampoo in "cherry", NYX cream blush in "orchid", cat-shaped ring (which was the feature of my second post ever!) and a Hello Kitty devil tin from Dylan's Candy Bar that was originally filled with cinnamon hots but now houses bobby pins.