Monday, March 18, 2013

westside till I die / blue life & cast of vices

I love LA...Downtown is rad, West Hollywood is fun, Mid-City has good shopping but there's just something about the west side that makes me feel at home. Maybe it's the chill, laid-back vibe or the fact that the beach is walking distance...but that's what everyone says. Who am I kidding...I love the west side because I could unapologetic-ally rock that crochet halter my grandmother made me when I was six (pictures when I get the guts to do it.) This past week I spent a lot of time on the west side, especially on Abbot Kinney. Mainly chasing down my latest obsession, JuiceBoxWhat?! A food  juice truck that's made-to-order by extremely good-looking "juice boys"? FOR. THE. WIN. Psst..."BeetBox" with Cayenne. You're welcome. 
What west side trip is complete without a stop at Planet Blue on Main Street? Went in with a mission and finally got the amazeballs striped  tank dress I've been lusting over since I wrote about it last month in "striped out". It is everything I imagined. Soft, stretchy and basically the perfect day dress. Now if only they made it in seven other colors my spring/summer wardrobe, err uniform, would be complete. 

Rima Vaidila on Abbot Kinney wearing 
Cast of Vices handcuff bracelet
Theiry Lasry sunnies 
vintage leather envelope clutch


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