Whether your plans tommorow involve a crazy costume lingerie party or a scary movie marathon in bed, here's a little Halloween inspo any cat lady will appreciate. Meeeow. Oh, and you're welcome.

Oh Rag & Bone, words cannot explain the love I have for you. From the moment I first slipped into those black, zipper-accented leggings in meat packing district all those months ago, I knew. I had found...the one. My perfect skinny jean. Every wash and rinse they just fit perfectly, without deviation. A trip to the LA flagship on Melrose yesterday had me dreaming of leather paneling, the perfect denim jacket and these amazing twill moto-skinnies. Exposed zipper detailing, below knee stitching, mid-rise, and manufactured in LA, all washed in a beautiful "wine" color. *insert throbbing heart eyes followed by tears of joy emojis* Rock em through the holidays and straight into spring.

Cuff links. They're refined, elegant, formal and, dare I say, chic? There's something so sexy in the detail of a cuff link hinting out from beneath the arm of a perfectly tailored suit. Maybe it stems from my fascination with old Hollywood glamour, James Bond and the original Las Vegas high stake poker tables. Oozing sex appeal, slinking about to sultry lounge music with an air of mystery, the cuff links tied it all together. 

Why is such a great accessory reserved for men? Well I like to borrow from the boys so off I go hunting. Point-three seconds later...rose gold and amethyst "Fossa" skull cuff links  (which google so kindly defined as a large nocturnal catlike mammal found in the rain forests of Madagascar.) Classy with a bite of danger.

Get them here
and wear like this...

I'm not a fan of purses that require any kind of content curation, what's the point of lugging it around if it doesn't hold everything I could possibly need. My vintage single chain Chanel is about the daintiest purse I use, even then I'm annoyed having to choose between a disposable camera or an extra pair of sunnies. Don't even get me started on those ridiculously tiny clutches...I mean why bother carting it around if all it holds is your ID and a stick of gum (that's what bras are for, duh).

Enter Campomaggi's "Carla Bag." Supple, tumbled leather in a relaxed satchel-style bag. Hand crafted in Italy the bag is big enough to carry all your crap necessities while avoiding over-nighter bag status. A reformed "9-5 working gal" bag, it looks just as great with a pencil skirt and stilettos as it does with jeans and ankle booties. Don't be fooled by the seemingly fold-over design, it's zip top for easy access to your wallet, hand sanitizer, or whatever it is that you lug around (um, is that a gun?!) It also comes with a detachable leather shoulder strap for when you're instagraming and juggling your venti soy latte. And it's under 200 dollars? Yes please.

the perfect bag here

Understated, fresh, effortless  sexy...the cool girl. She wears what she wants. From her father's old sweater to next season's prints, always managing to pull it together juuust right. Envied and emulated, she doesn't try to be cool...she just is. Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen and Keira Knightly are just some of my go-to's for inspiration. Whether on the street, in the magazines or on the red carpet one common thread runs between this exclusive group of babes...the hair. More often than not its a tomboy, almost androgynous, cut. An asymmetrical shag/bob hybrid. It features a center part and collar bone-grazing, razored ends that's ever so slightly longer in the front. The kind of hair cut that demands an "I-just-rolled-out-of-bed" routine.

So when my hairstylist suggested this type of hair cut I said F-it and let him run with it, well not literally run.with.shears...but you know. Naturally being a blunt bang/long haired gal ever since a horrific pixie cut experience I was biting my nails at first. Once I saw my security blanket of hair hitting the salon floor I started getting butterflies, equal parts nerves and excitement. I remember thinking "life's short, cut yo hair!" Looking in the mirror for the first time I saw the perfect "cool girl" haircut reflecting back. In a city full of blonde, beauty-pageant worthy, weaved-in hair I now feel mysterious. Sexy. I feel like a cool girl.

My Routine...
Quickly run flat iron over ends. Flip head over. Spray dry shampoo into roots. Flip head up. Center part. Srunch/rub roots. Prepare yourself for cat calls and double takes.

Make it Cooler...
Save your shampoo and skip a few days, this cut looks even better dirty. Color? One word. Ombre.
The only explanation I can offer for my denim obsession is the fact that I was born in Toronto. In true Canadian fashion I rock the denim tuxedo like it's nobody's bidnez. So the highlight of my morning email round-up was this awesome patchwork jacket by One Teaspoon  featured on Nasty Gal's website.

I dig the variety of light denim, the low flap-over pockets and cowl neck design. I can't say I would personally take advantage of the detachable sleeves but they are a pretty unique feature. Thrown over an acid wash denim pencil skirt and graphic tee with some riding boots and you're ready for running around in the fall breeze. Best of all? Denim knows no bounds when it comes to seasons...so feel free to rock this jacket well into the spring, summer...hell, even next fall.

Ok, so I'm not a skater and my most recent attempt left me with a permanent reminder on my right knee. I do however, like to pretend I could skate circles around the hip venice kids and thus, have a passionate love affair with Vans. So when Vans took the skate staple, shipped em over to a cool Paris fashion house and let them have at it I was all about it. Kenzo threw their Fall 2012 runway prints onto the sneakers and viole! Pop florals, graphic stripes, floor-worthy marble and yes, even a vineyard pattern (mega-dig) all make an appearance on the iconic shoe. Though they're basically sold out on Opening Ceremony's website (unless you happen to wear the lone, available size 4.5) you can still swoop these babies direct off Kenzo's website but I'm warning you...a visit to their site will end with an online shopping cart full of Christmas wishlist-worthy items.

buy grape vans here. do it now.

I'm a huge leather fan. It adds a kick of bad ass flair to even the sweetest of outfits, taking you from Grease's Sandy in "Summer Lovin'" to post grad-mega babe in "You're the one that I want". I will admit that leather is a gateway drug. Just a hint in my outfit instantly warrants a cigarette, red lips, an "I don't give an F" attitude and the urge to jump on the back of the next cafe racer zooming by. Leather = instant BAMF status. 

So when super cool, eco-friendly boutique Reformation took my favorite fabric, cut it into a gun and appliqued it onto the back of a vintage, one of a kind silk blouse I was sold. On the street you look polished and classic in a silk button up but an over the shoulder glance is required to catch the unassuming pedestrian thrown off guard by the heat you're packing. Thrown over a pair of grey skinnies, ankle boots and a shit load of rings this blouse can take you from your morning cappuccino run to pinot grigio sippin' at the evening's gallery opening without so much as a swipe of mascara. Oh and it comes black too?! (insert throbbing heart eyes emoji)

get your paws on it here

Found an awesome new magazine from the UK at a newsstand last night. They had me at their cover tagline "new trends thru a lens". Bought it and devoured it shortly thereafter in the nearest Starbucks.

Take street style pics showcasing the trends for AW 12 season, throw in some sponsored articles, a few solid editorials (sans models) and sprinkle a little advertisement throughout and boom, "Company Street-Style Edit" aka bomb dot com is born. It's published bi-annually in London with the entire idea that trends are started by the girls on the street and that the catwalk is only means for inspiration (well, duh).

This is not breaking news. However, it is the first magazine completely devoted to street style and how real women are rocking the trends. And they did an amazeballs job at that. It's fresh. More pics, less words. Sure Vogue is great..but by the time you flip through the 200+ pages of advertisements and mega-essay articles you're left with a handful of editorials and paper cuts. And I mean who picks up a fashion magazine with the intention of actually reading the articles the first flip through anyway?

It's like the main course of a delicious meal. Hearty and filling without any frivolous sides. Only downside? I have to remember to control my excitement when I see boots for 70 as prices are listed in pounds. That and I have to wait until March for the next issue.

During an impromptu (okay, confession: bi-weekly) browsing trip to Kitson I found something.
While a typical Kitson stop includes a five second walk through the women's clothing with all focus on the Wildfox Couture table followed by thirty minutes reading completely frivolous books and playing with the weird, kitschy knick knacks. This time I found something good. Amongst the glitzy, border-line questionable jewelry(?) was a bowl of laser cut plastic rings. I had unleashed my inner five year old while digging around in the dish. Behold. The best ring ever. Plastic, glitter and cat-shaped, oh gawd!

Although it only fits comfortably on my pinky I was not about to ask the sales guy if it was intended for children. I mean hell, I am a child, I just happen to have abnormally large knuckles okay?!
It's scary to think of the absurd amount of money I would have been willing to pay for this piece of cute plastic, so for a measly $8.95 how could I say no?

Isn't she, errr it, fabulous?! Meoooow 

in October. The 9th to be exact. A good, unassuming, solid Tuesday in October and I've decided to start a blog.

Why today?
Lately the hours have been merging into days, into weeks, into months. Time ticks on. I live an incredibly awesome life and sometimes I take it for granted. I forget. Next thing I know I'll be 29 worrying about anti-aging products, marriage and mortgages with no recollection of the past ten years.

Why today?
To keep track of time...document my finds...my obsessions...the tangible...the imaginary...my work...world travels...everyday adventures...maybe my feelings will even make an appearance (hey, I said maybe). Will anyone read this? I guess I'll just write and see where it goes...