Tuesday, October 16, 2012

denim, eh?

The only explanation I can offer for my denim obsession is the fact that I was born in Toronto. In true Canadian fashion I rock the denim tuxedo like it's nobody's bidnez. So the highlight of my morning email round-up was this awesome patchwork jacket by One Teaspoon  featured on Nasty Gal's website.

I dig the variety of light denim, the low flap-over pockets and cowl neck design. I can't say I would personally take advantage of the detachable sleeves but they are a pretty unique feature. Thrown over an acid wash denim pencil skirt and graphic tee with some riding boots and you're ready for running around in the fall breeze. Best of all? Denim knows no bounds when it comes to seasons...so feel free to rock this jacket well into the spring, summer...hell, even next fall.


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