Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All that made of plastic

During an impromptu (okay, confession: bi-weekly) browsing trip to Kitson I found something.
While a typical Kitson stop includes a five second walk through the women's clothing with all focus on the Wildfox Couture table followed by thirty minutes reading completely frivolous books and playing with the weird, kitschy knick knacks. This time I found something good. Amongst the glitzy, border-line questionable jewelry(?) was a bowl of laser cut plastic rings. I had unleashed my inner five year old while digging around in the dish. Behold. The best ring ever. Plastic, glitter and cat-shaped, oh gawd!

Although it only fits comfortably on my pinky I was not about to ask the sales guy if it was intended for children. I mean hell, I am a child, I just happen to have abnormally large knuckles okay?!
It's scary to think of the absurd amount of money I would have been willing to pay for this piece of cute plastic, so for a measly $8.95 how could I say no?

Isn't she, errr it, fabulous?! Meoooow 


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