Friday, February 1, 2013

like a baby's....

I've gotten a few emails recently asking for details about my skincare routine so...Here ya go! I'm no skincare expert but have definetley picked up some product favs and tips in between working with different makeup artists and experimenting on my own.  

Cleanser: I have slightly sensitive skin so I like to use a simple cleanser twice a day. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a great sensitive skin cleanser with sage, chamomile and carrot. 

Toner: If my skin is acting up a bit or for a quick post-run cleanup I use Kiehl's Rosewater Facial Refresher Toner, it smells amazing and absorbs any trace of oil. I usually soak a cotton ball and swipe it across my forehead, nose and chin. I don't recommend this, however, for dry skin types.

Facial Mist: So I can't confirm that this has any "official" moisturizing properties but it's an amazing  pick me up mid day. Evian Mineral Water Spray is great for travel, your gym bag and purse for a nice mist of the French Alps anytime. 

Moisturizer: I went through an "I hate moisturizer" stage for a minute, refusing to put anything on my freshly cleansed face at night. That was until my face became so dry and started peeling (ew, I know). I walked into Sephora  begging for help and was introduced to Clinique Moisture Surge , aka unicorn tears, because seriously this stuff works magic on dry skin. I now use either this or Immortelle Precious Night Cream depending on the dryness of my skin, every night before bed. 

Lip Care: Who isn't obsessed with baby soft lips? My favorite lip balm, hands down, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. It goes on smooth and keeps lips hydrated forever. It's also SPF 15 which is great for avoiding sun damage and also comes in different color tints!

What's your go-to skincare product??


  1. Oh love it! Always love reading about people's experiences with products.

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