Friday, November 2, 2012

cool cats club

A prime example of just why I love Kitson. No matter how kitschy and overly hyped the store is, I always find random things I want need. Latest wardrobe addition is this over sized graphic tee. It reads "No 9. Cool Cats Club. Nine Lives", I died and went to cat-lady heaven. The brand's name couldn't get any better...wait for it..."cool cats club." It's a "one size fits all cats" cotton tee shirt that also features cute claw mark graphics on the back shoulder. It's not available on the website yet so you'll have to physically go get it (hard life, I know.) It's my new favorite graphic tee and looks great thrown over leggings with riding boots, vintage sunnies, a leather jacket and (as you can see) Starbucks venti iced coffee in hand.

Go get it and join the club. Meeeow.
Photography: Nicholas Maggio 


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