Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Stripes to signify the finish line are more than appropriate with finals this coming week. I've recently become weirdly super obsessed with skinny, horizontal stripes. Theres just something so effortlessly cool and chic at the same time when you see a chick wearing stripes. Blame it on my fascination with stereotypical portrayal of a chic french woman in stripes, a blunt chin-length bob and red lip stick. Or maybe it has something to do with the sleep-deprived, delirium I've been walking around in for the past two weeks. Between papers, group projects from hell and final exams next week; stripes have been looking hella great to me. Pair a looser fit striped top with low-slung cutoffs for simple, cali-girl cool vibes. The sweet little drawstring pouch, heeled sandal-bootie hybrid and light weight sunnies don't hurt either.

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