Wednesday, April 30, 2014

currently obsessed: givenchy faux-birks

Yeah I know I've been talking lots of sh*t on the birk-revival. Well, this happened. And before you say anything, no, my transition to the  dark birk side wasn't thanks to Isabel Marant like everyone else has been claiming. Givenchy, b*tch. You know the jesus slide-sandal trend is real when Barneys starts selling O.G Birkenstocks in exclusive prints at 300 a pop. The only way, ONLY WAY, you will see me rocking this trend is if I magically win the lotto and can buy these Givenchy babies. Yeah, they're wanna be birks and kinda make me cringe and cry tears of joy simultaneously BUT look at the color ways!!! Oh, I'm sorry ROSE GOLD?! PYTHON? Sup, GOTH FLORAL?! Excuse me while I think of a great get-rich-quick scheme to buy every 850+  dollar pair. Before you think I've completely lost it, check em out for yourself. Even better (if possible) in person. Trust.

slide, baby

 Oh, and you better answer when I call trying to sell you life insurance...


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