Saturday, May 25, 2013

blue jeans, white shirt / Brashy Babe'n part deux

This week I poked into a cute little vintage shop and found an awesome sauce pair of jeans! They're actually high waisted mom jeans but I slung 'em real low on my hips for a baggy-boyfriend fit. In true cool girl style, I paired my baggy denim with a wardrobe staple: a graphic white tee by one of my favorite brands, Brashy Couture. I cut the hem (DIY info ova here) for a slight crop to balance the baggy-ness of the denim and add a dash of Abbot Kinney-vibes with some newly tanned (trust me when I say this is tan for me) skin. The "Nine Lives Club" tee is perfect for laid back fun with a pair of vans OR great for post-sunset shenanigans when worn with a killer pair of black court heels. Of course, I topped the look off with my favorite hatI'll be rocking this look all long (yay!!) weekend long.

"I own too many pairs of jeans!" 
Said no one ever.

Tee matches my tat!

 What are YOU wearing this weekend?!


  1. you are SOO beautifu. I love that hat and those jeans on you!

    im probably going to be in sweats all weekend because SAT's are coming up ^.^

  2. Amazing look!! I like your style!

  3. These are GREAT shirts! and especially the price its affordable.... I like the selection of colors a huge verity of brands ... i would definitely recommend these shirts to my family and friends..