Friday, May 10, 2013

top it off

I've been on the hunt for a cool-girl panama hat that doesn't look like a flying saucer on my head for a few months now. So when I saw this hat sitting in a stack on a shelf above ten dollar bikinis in H&M I just about started clapping. Shorter brim (no UFO head-effect), black on black, not an ounce of flop and comes in a size that fits perfectly (xs/s). I had found the hat! The shopping gods were on my side...AND only 18 dollars?! Definitely my new favorite and may have become a daily staple...maybe not Levi's jacket status but still. Don't say I didn't warn you when it starts making an appearance in every post. Hats off to you H&M, you give good hat. 
Monday I paired my new hat with an awesome 100% organic cotton tank top 
by Groceries from Planet Blue and of course Rag & Bone denim cutoffs.

 Do you have a favorite hat?? Do you even wear hats?