Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crop it real good / DIY asymmetrical crop tee

On an extremely hot day this past weekend I wanted to pair my favorite high waisted denim shorts with a crop top only to realize...I don't own any crop tops. Yeah, I know a normal person would just go purchase one and although I don't usually DIY, I wasn't exactly in a position to go shopping. So I sucked it up and just took a pair of scissors to the tee I already had on. Viola! I now had a cool-girl asymmetrical crop tee perfect for the heat! 
I like that the hem is off a little bit...waaaay more 
cool-girl than a standard straight across crop. 

Here's how you can make one too!
1. Pick! 
Take any tee shirt, I used one of my American Apparel Sheer Jersey Summer Shirts, and lay it on a flat surface. This is the perfect opportunity to use one of those old graphic tees you haven't worn in a minute.
2. Make your mark! 
Mark on the right side-seam with a marker where you will crop from. The closer to the arm pit the shorter of a crop it will be. I marked my tee 5 inches from the armpit to create a bit of a longer tee.
3. Snip Snip! 
Make a small snippet through the seam on the right side (about an inch across) and another directly across on the left side seam about half an inch lower. Make sure you cut completely through the seam on both sides.
4.  Pull! 
Literally. Put your fingers into the snippet you made on the right side and just pull across to the left snippet like you're tearing off the bottom half of the tee...cause that's exactly what you are doing. 
5. Viola!
You've got an asymmetrical, raw hemmed crop top! Throw it in the dryer to soften the hem a little more. Roll the sleeves and throw it over high waisted denim or a bikini for some cool-girl summer action. 

 I also realized normal people don't choose all black 
when it's 85 and sunny, but hey. YOLO

Would YOU crop it yourself or just buy one?


  1. I'm not going to lie. I'd probably just buy one. LOL When it comes to DIY, I tend to fail miserably. ;)


    Jules of Canines & Couture