Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Featured on Nasty Gal Blog!

Walked out of my calculus class last night and opened up my instagram to a million gazillion notifications. A few screenshot-ed texts later and I see that @nastygal posted a pic from my most recent personal style post (this one!) featuring the bomb-dot-com Insight "Python Art" Skinnies!! I almost peed myself! I;m honored to be featured on their blog for "Nasty Gal's Do It Better!" 

Check out my feature and get your shop on! 

" Rima Vaidila of Fire On The Head puts her spin on cool girl staples in a graphic white tee with rolled sleeves and perfectly faded floral skinnies by Insight. Add some lace-up sneakers, a slime green board and one super shaggy bob (that we seriously want to copy), and you've got a laid-back look that's ready to ride straight into summer."

Nasty Gal's DO do it better, duh!


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