Thursday, May 30, 2013

"washed out" / the perfect light denim

I'm a dark denim chick at heart. An almost black wash with distressing and perfectly placed knee rips gets me more excited than my birthday and Christmas combined. For real though. This obsession, however, does not fare too well in the sweltering summer heat. Since getting that pair of light blue babies last week, "blue jeans, white shirt," I just might have embraced the other end of the wash spectrum. Light wash denim is perfect for hot days paired with a baggy tank and bright nikes. The solution to maintaining my denim addiction year round! One of my main draws to dark denim is that, without so much as a swipe of mascara, you can seamlessly go from lunch to dinner...BUT I've realized it's totally possible to rock light wash at night! Just trade the nikes for a killer pair of stilettos, add a clutch and some bling and va va voom! You can head straight to dinner and dancing after hitting the farmer's market for kale and cold pressed juice. Although it does feel a little weird looking down at my legs and seeing legitimate "blue" jeans, I will be embracing these all summer long...and hey! Maybe I'll even rock these babies into fall. Crazy! Get ready for lots of light denim in my outfit posts! 
MY favs above
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Do YOU love light denim? How do you style it for summer?


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