Monday, December 31, 2012

saturday showers

Cold and wet pretty much describes this past Saturday in LA. This always proves a challenge when deciding wardrobe without looking like a hobo cross bred with a wet rat. By chance i seem to have actually pulled a pretty cool outfit together (though a tad bit unimaginative, shh.)
Wearing: Rag and Bone grey destroyed skinnies, BLK DNM leather jacket, James Perse white tee, brand spankin new Theiry Lasry sunnies (which my next post will be dedicated to) and my (also brand spankin new/soon to be written about) Cast of Vices handcuff bracelet in silver.

What is your go to rainy day attire? Oh and have an amazing time, however you are ringing in the new year!


  1. Such a cute bracelet! Even though I'm not committed to anyone, I might just have to get it for myself!

  2. Done. Getting this handcuff bracelet for my girlfriend. Thanks for the awesome post!

  3. i loooove the braceket!

  4. ughh love this outfit so much! leather is probably my favourite material!

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  13. ughh love this outfit so much! leather is probably my favourite material!


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