Thursday, December 13, 2012

skool sucks...well, not really

A cold rainy night of internet trolling for comfy sweaters led me to my new favorite purchase. I might already have a stack of assorted Wildfox Couture sweaters, so what?!? When you find something you it in every color, duh. This awesome skool sucks hoodie sweater arrived at my doorstep Monday night and I literally haven't taken it off since. For the love of cute, ironic graphic prints and all other things that are holy; Wildfox you take the pink-frosted cake. I'm already a huge fan of the brand but this sweater might have just taken my obsession to an entirely different level. It's slouchy with a loose fit and is perfect for rainy "I'm just a potato" kind of Sundays. Throw it over undies with some cashmere thigh-highs and you're ready for an 80's movie marathon and multiple mugs of hot cocoa with whipped cream. 
Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I sleep in it too. 

Wildfox Couture "Skool Sucks" Hoodie & Coal Black Beanie