Thursday, December 27, 2012

and the obsession continues...sorry I'm not sorry

Rag & Bone Resort 2013 collection. Oh, gawd is it good. Woke up to an email with some of the featured pieces which quickly went from hyperventilation to a virtual shopping cart full of purple florals and (of course) leather. I'm in love with the floral print R&B picked for the season. I would call it a "tough floral"(yes I just made that up), as it has a more vintage-tapestry feel as opposed to the typically uber-girly florals. It's darker with edgy detailing (leather piecing) so the entire collection can easily transition throughout the day.  Here are some of my favorite picks for spring with cool-girl styling ideas for you babes.
Basic fitted, two-button blazer with a whole lot of swag. Floral bodice with lamb leather sleeves (yes please).  Would look great used as a basic thrown over jeans and a white v-neck tee OR get all kinds of cray by buttoning it and wearing it like a top over a lacey black bra with a denim pencil skirt and oxfords. 

This soft wool-blend popover sweater with a slight high-low hemline screams "my new favorite sweater". Cozy and soft boucle knit would look perfect over navy leggings and brown riding boots or dress it up thrown over a black body con dress cinched with an obo-style belt. 

Although I'm not one for dresses this print just looks too amazeballs on this fit and flare style dress to not make an exception. It also has that hint of edge I crave with cool mesh inserts on the shoulders and back. Dress it down, keep it simple and let the print do all the talking by pairing it with black Doc Martens and vintage tortoise sunnies. 

How would you style these pieces?


  1. Love all three, but I would def wear them with high-waisted shorts!

  2. LOVE the minetta pullover! I would style with black jeans, combat boots, and some killer sunnies!


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