Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new years eve recap

Wooo It's 2013 and some of you may still be recovering from a crazy Monday night (it MUST have been good.) My night consisted of a grape adventure (Trader Joe's closes early on holidays FYI), amazing thai food takeout, running around West Hollywood with an Instax mini camera (scanned pics later), watching American Gypsy, counting down the final seconds on the walk of fame in a sea of tourists, some more photo fun with a Lumix on Melrose Ave, succumbing to dirty kmart feet by taking off my heels and culminating with amazeballs deserts and whipped cream from Bristol Farms (mini caramel pecan cheescake, 'nuff said.) Yup, it was a grand 'ole time.
Rima Vaidila pictured wearing: Brandy Melvile white racerback tank, Elizabeth and James suede zip- accented  single button blazer, Rag & Bone grey destroyed skinnies and Kimchi Blue "gretel suede" black pump (previously featured in this post)

Yup. The heels came off. YOLO

 Cheers to a life changing year and to a lucky '13! 
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  1. Love this post! Where did you get your Thai takeout? I'm in L.A. for spring break and I love Thai food!

    1. Thank you! Delish thai from Natalee Thai

  2. Just bought those shoes! So in love with them.


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