Thursday, January 24, 2013

Palm Springs Diary

So I went to Palm Springs for a mini vacation this past weekend! This was my first time in the desert excluding work shoots and Coachella so I was pretty pumped. Stayed at The Ace Hotel & Swim Club, ran around town for a minute (thought I was going to die of heat stroke) then had dinner at Citron at The Viceroy Hotel (scallops. you're welcome) the first night. Ordered room service for breakfast the next morning (homemade granola & yogurt is amazeballs) then hung at the pool (I don't think I've seen so many tattoos in one place outside of Silver Lake) and then had dinner at Mister Parker's at The Parker Hotel (coolest hotel ever?!)

Rima Vaidila at the Parker Hotel wearing Zara blazer, Rag and Bone skinnies and Daydreamer LA sheer black tee.

Parker Hotel

Parker Hotel

Rima Vaidila at the Ace Hotel wearing hand bleached vintage Police tee, Rag and Bone skinnies and classic Vans.


Ace Hotel wearing Theirry Lasry sunnies 

How did you enjoy the long weekend??


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