Friday, January 8, 2016

wrist game - how to rock your boos watch

As I said before, I'm not one for delicate women's watches and prefer to wear my boos. Here are some guidelines to wearing your boyfriends watch like you DGAF. First, don't resize. It's oversized because it's mens. Run with it. It should hang off your wrist and would look weird if the bracelet was sized for you. Second, wear it on your right or left wrist. You're a boss b wearing your boyfriends watch, you can wear it on whatever f*cking wrist you want. Third, stack that shit. Pile on bracelets, accessorize your wrist accessory. It's already over the top so commit to doin the damn thing. Lastly, know what watch you're wearing. People (especially guys) will ask what kind of watch and there's nothing that'll make you feel like more of a boss and knowing your shit. "Oh this 'ol thing? Just an 18k gold submariner. HBU"

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Luv AJ Necklace + Bracelets
18K Gold Rolex Submariner (shop men's rolex on gilt)
Photos by Nicholas Maggio


  1. Ahaa love this post! Love the idea of stacking other bracelets with the watch, looks so good! Gorgeous pictures too! x

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

  2. Beautiful photos!

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