Thursday, January 14, 2016


I've recently become extremely uninspired by the carbon copies bloggers seem to have become. I feel like everyone I follow on instagram posts exactly the same. Fucking. Things. So I'm trying something new. One studio shoot per month with a kick ass team. Fully styled looks and an editorial feel. Posting with purpose and steering clear of my former super minimal aesthetic that has since consumed the internet. I mean...I have been doing the whole white wall thing for 4 years now, just sayin. I still love basics, denim, black and white and will for sure stick to those...just elevating my content and giving it my own twist. Quality over quantity. No posting just to post. As someone who calls themselves a creative's time to give my content vision. Annnnnd action. Look one for this month: tackling how to repurpose that skinny neck tie you bought from zara and ended up wearing once for an instagram selfie.  (Shhhh wasn't me.) Violá, use it as a belt to add just a hint of girly flair to an otherwise tomboy look. I love this pullover from Aritzia as it has that super soft fleece on the inside. I will literally wear this for a week straight (doubles as a pj top) not kidding. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the mom jean trend (weird saggy butt and camel toe thanks) these fit like a glove if you buy them a size down.  What do you think of this look and new style of photos? What would YOU like to see me shoot??

Rima Vaidila wearing
Zara Skinny Dot Neck Tie (worn as belt)
Freda Salvador Strapy Sandals  (50% off here!!)
Photos by Nicholas Maggio with help from Seth Gudmunson & Andy J Scott
Hair/Makeup by Crystal Liz


  1. I have to say I completely agree with the fact that a lot of people post such similar pictures on Instagram now, it's so refreshing to see something different! I personally love your feed. I love these pictures too, I always love seeing how people style a certain accessory or item differently in different outfits!x
    Holly x The Twins' Wardrobe

  2. Absolutely agreed! As a designer, I'm huge on being original, coming up with something I have yet to seen.

    It would help if RewardStyle allowed more indie designers, so everyone's not promoting the same stuff~

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