Sunday, January 31, 2016

sparkly alley cat

Annnnd just like that we're back to 75 & sunny in LA. RIP winter, I guess I'll start shaving my legs again. In case you couldn't tell...I'm still really into this embellished mini skirt I bought at Club Monaco last November. It's seriously turned out to be one of my best purchases of 2015. Since the holidays are over (obvi) I wanted to breathe new lift into wearing sparkly shit IRL. Cut off sweatshirt + vintage satin bomber + ankle booties? Violá! Take any everyday-casual outfit and swap jeans for that embellished skirt you spent way too much money for the holidays. I promise it'll look hella cool girl, do you agree??

Rima Vaidila wearing
Vintage Satin Bomber (similar here & here)
Club Monaco Embellished Skirt (previously worn here & here)
Toga Pulla Boots (similar here & here)
Chloe Mini Drew (budget versions here & here)


  1. I love the ripped sweater with the embellished skirt, super good.
    And I was just in LA last weekend and I wore a dress without tights! ha anddd I forgot to shave my legs haha

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  2. Totally agree, you are like a black angel, super cool. I really like your outfit and bag match.

  3. Amazing jacket, this outfit is truly beautiful!!

  4. This has such a cool girl vibe to it; I'm totally digging it.


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