Tuesday, December 29, 2015

starry eyed and wine stained

Wine mouth seems like it'd be embarrassing and avoided at all costs, amiright?? Alas it's quickly become a go-to holiday beauty look poppin up all over blahgs, instagram, pinterest, tumblr and the rest of the interwebs. For the second to last #ramaholiday look (ummm I can't believe December is over what??) Crystal showed me how to embrace wine stained lips and gave me cool girl hair to match. I'm a big believer in keeping things simple when it comes to dressing, so what better NYE dress alternative than a chic little romper?! If you haven't realized it yet...I'm obsessed with stars printed on everything so this crepe one piece is a winner. Unfortunately I waited to post these photos too long so it's sold out everywhere :( BUT I included some cute alternatives at the end of the post.  Since it's actually chilly in LA now, bare legs are an evening no-go unless you want to be THAT girl shivering in the corner of the party. I paired unexpected sheer dot tights with my trusty (and surprisingly comfy) Saint Laurent ankle boots for a NYE party look that'll keep me dancing and having fun without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions or high heel discomfort. Click through to see more pics and tips on how to recreate this beauty look on your own!

Q: Wine stained lips..how do you do it??!

A: Start with a balm like Glossier Balm Dotcom then take Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip and apply it to the center of the lip. That's where the product should be most concentrated and just blend out!

Q: What are your favorite dark lip stains/lipsticks right this second?

Q: This super messy half up bun is perfect (!!!) and doesn't look like I'm replicating every chicks summer insta posts. Tips?

A: The key is the placement of the bun. A lot of people place it right on top of the head. I prefer it low, even below the occipital bone. It's much more effortless that way. 

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Pam & Gela Crepe Star Romper (shop similar here & here)
Photos by Nicholas Maggio
Hair/Makeup by Crystal Liz


  1. the stained lips look so good!

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!
    In love <3



  3. Very cool, your lips look almost a bit dangerously vampire-ish... if that' makes any sense~



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