Monday, June 10, 2013 / LMX

I'm a mind reader. Ok maybe I'm not, but I do know what you're thinking. June? Well YEAH if you want the most amazeballs custom jacket come actual leather weather! LMX, aka bomb dot com babe Sarah Lemieux, creates hand painted vintage leather jackets, "baring the scars of their time, and adorned with imagery perhaps most inspired through the Lessons of Don Juan." Hands down the radest pieces I've ever seen. Instead of having a "B*tch stole my look!" moment on the leather-clad streets in October, custom is really the only option. Rather pretend summer lasts forever? I GOT YOU. Get your hands on one of LMX's trippy silk scarves, soon to be available on Nastygal (yay!!), perfect with a Canadian tux or go crazy and wrap it around like a halter top. Did I mention every piece comes with a lifetime warranty with free retouching for as long as Sarah lives? You're welcome.

This scarf though!!

All images (c) LMX


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