Tuesday, June 18, 2013

(anti) seasonal dressing / blk dnm

I literally do not understand how to dress for summer. Black? Leather? I'll admit this is not the best look for 85+ temperatures but sans LJ (first seen here); the cutoffs, bralette and sheer oversized blouse are pretty much on point for summer...(right??) Since I'm all about thrift shopping these days, my blouse is lightweight 100 % silk and cost me all of 2.99. Refusing to pay forty bucks for cutoffs I also bought a pair of mom-jean Levi's and TA-DAH! Authentic vintage cutoffs for seven bucks. I'm also wearing a super cute little corset-style bralette from Brandy Melville and my trusty Vans, of course. I apologize in advance for my complete lack of enthusiasm for *valley girl voice* summerrrrr. Honestly, can it just be cold again so people don't think I'm some weird goth chick? Thanks.
Cause what leather-clad goth chick doesn't like hangin' in a dugout?

Rima Vaidila wearing:
Vintage Silk Blouse
BLK DNM Leather Jacket (also seen here)
Levi's Cutoffs
Brandy Melville Bralette
H&M Scarf
Stussy Beanie


  1. lovely look :) love the shorts


  2. Wow,I really like these shoots! Very nice also your style! I just discovered your blog..and I love it! Follow eachother? :D let me know :)

    xx from Italy

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