Wednesday, June 19, 2013

itty bitty neoprene bikini

What's a slightly sporty-undercover goth to do when it comes to pool attire? Tiny, black and neoprene of course. Australian bikini brand, Triangl, just gets it. Seamless itty bitty bikinis with perfectly cut cheeky bottoms that completely avoid *ahem* coverage issues a-la Kate Upton's first SI cover. A little sporty and a little bad ass, these 'kinis keep it 100. Sold in a set for 79 dollars, Triangl bikinis come in neutrals (my picks) and the cutest bright colors and prints. Bonus? The bottoms lay flat so you can pull on a pair of shorts and not have to worry about dealing with that awkward side tie bulge. Excuse me while I go buy five.


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