Thursday, June 27, 2013

denim gold / mavi gold jeans

Opening a package to find a pair of beautiful blue jeans brought tears of joy to my eyes. Ok, so maybe there weren't any tears but I swear...angels were singing and light beamed down onto my new pair of Mavi Gold jeans. The perfect true "blue-jean" color, beautiful contrast stitching with amazeballs xfit lycra stretch. The perfect stretchy skinny. In case you haven't noticed, I've been really diggin' the heels n jeans combo lately (exhibit a & exhibit b) so, surprise! I'm wearing my favorite black pumps. Topped it with an oversized chiffon button up for the perfect cool girl look.

Rima Vaidila wearing
Mavi Gold Alexa Mid Rise Skinny
Guess Court Shoes (previously here!)


  1. you look gorgeous dear!
    Really like your Outfit and your pictures!
    Wish you a beautiful day.

    Love, Mona

  2. Was für ein wunderschönes Outfit. Ich finde es total schön und du kannst es sehr gut tragen.

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