Wednesday, February 26, 2014

uniform / cool girl closet essentials

By now you've noticed that ripped knee skinnies have been getting major love in my ootd's. Perfect black skinnies have always been a closet staple but throw in some fading and distressing and BAM. Basic black denim that's fresh, a little edgy and perfect with everything. This pair by All Saints have been my go-to and are a definite closet must for spring. I've also been weirdly into blouses over the past few months and feel super *gasp* adult due the fact that my eye has been gravitating towards working girl wardrobe pieces like crisp, neutral button ups. I may or my not have a small hoard of silky blouses hanging in my closet now...shhhh. Although I don't foresee pencil skirts, stilettos and crimson lips in my near (or distant) future; dressing down a classic button up with ripped skinnies, strappy sandals and a thick belt gives off sophisticated cool girl vibes. This easy outfit combo has been my daily uniform for the past month, perfect for mixing cool with class. Because what's sexier than a cool chick who knows how to pull it together? A classy cool chick with kick ass confidence.

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  1. Thanks for the post It's important to mention that this is only being seen on the US market