Friday, March 7, 2014

los angeles lovin' / fuggiamo

There's no denying my love for LA. Waking up to 75 degrees and sunshine 97% of the year is god's personal gift to southern californians. Yeah NYC has crisp coat weather and the uniform in Miami is secured with strings....but LA is just...perfect. Yes, perfect. Freshly pressed juice within a three block radius from anywhere in the city? Check. Where lazy, late afternoon brunches are as much of a Wednesday thing as they are on weekends? Check. Where beach runs and a sunset hike can happen in the same day? Like I said, perfect. This pouch by maptote from fuggiamo reflects my love for the city of angels. From griffith observatory and taco food trucks to the 101 and santa monica, I heart LA.   

LA Love Pouch by Maptote (buy it here)