Tuesday, March 25, 2014

eighty percent-er / umgee & nila anthony

I am a firm believer that a wardrobe should be eighty percent quality basics and twenty percent "etc." pieces. My eighty percent consists of simple and quality tees, sweaters, denim and leather. The other twenty percent is reserved for my small collection of dresses, patterns, prints and other pieces I wear often enough to have been deemed a "reasonable" purchase. When I feel like keeping it simple, more often than not, my go-to uniform is a great white tee, skinny jeans and ankle booties. I'm a self proclaimed denim snob but this pair of stretchy black skinnies by Umgee USA are surprisingly amazing. The perfect, not-too-low, rise and solid black wash make them easy to dress up or down. Definitely a closet staple. I paired the skinnies with my favorite semi-sheer, silky Laer tee and an old pair American Eagle ankle booties. Carried all my junk necessities in this new Nila Anthony bag. Basics are best. Fact.

Rima Vaidila wearing
Laer Center Seem Tee (previously here)
Umgee USA Black Skinnies 
Nila Anthony Slouchy Shoulder Bag (shop here)


  1. I'm just addicted to your blog! I discovered it few hours ago and i just can't get enough! You've got the style i personnally love and your photos are just stunning!