Friday, July 5, 2013

fourth festivities / random & beautiful

Yesterday was Independence day for my fellow USA folks and *collective sigh* dressing "festive" has come to mean wearing red, white and blue in the form of a bikini and cutoffs, sparklers in hand. Well I'm happy to inform you no flag bikinis were used in the making of this post, cause you know, *two chainz whisper* I'm different, yeah I'm different. I played in a minty fresh one piece from American Apparel with my favorite thrifted mom jeans and wore my AMAZING one of a kind Howlite Bullet Necklace from Random & Beautiful. I had been on the hunt for a sweet bullet necklace for a while so when I stumbled onto R&B's Tumblr I had to send a love note. A few emails later and look what is now on my neck! Definitely a must have necklace that looks super bad ass wore alone or layered with other delicate chains. Oh and did I mention it's on sale right now for fifteen bucks?! You're welcome.
Hope YOU had a fun and safe Fourth!!

The perfect in between length..not 
too short or too long!

Rima Vaidila wearing
HUGE thank you to Kimberly for hooking me up with the beautiful necklaces!


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